Mosaic Information

This is a guide to all our pages of mosaic artwork and instructions, most of which address specific aspects of the process: finding patterns, grouting, cutting tile, etc. Note that it doesn’t yet include all the articles in our How To Mosaic blog, which covers all sorts of questions, and so if you can’t find what you need on this page, please check the blog.

If you’re new to mosaic art you can get acquainted with the process with our instructions for beginners. The rest of the material below is intended to help you learn about more specific topics and techniques in greater depth.

If you prefer to learn by getting your hands dirty with guided instruction, we have a listing of mosaic art classes where you can find a local mosaic instructor who is teaching classes.

Examples of Different Kinds of Mosaic Art

mosaic portraits
Examples of mosaic portraits with a discussion of how to create photo-realistic images in mosaic.
mixed media mosaics
Examples of mixed-media mosaic artwork with a discussion of the significance and the process of creating it.

backsplashes and showers
Backsplashes and Showers
Examples and instructions for creating mosaic backsplashes and counter tops as well as shower mosaics.
inspirational mosaic art
Inspirational Mosaics
Inspiring examples of mosaic art that can be learned from and enjoyed.

Fun Mosaic Art
Fun Mosaic Art
Examples of mosaic art that are fun and whimsical without being cute in a tired sort of way.
Floor Mosaics
Floor Mosaics
Example of a mosaic medallion under construction with a discussion of floor mosaics laid out on fiberglass mesh.

Mosaic Artists Gallery
Mosaic Artists Gallery
An illustrated list of mosaic artists and their websites.
Displaying Mosaic Art
Displaying Mosaics
Examples and information about how to display a mosaic.

How To Mosaic and Mosaic Instructions

Choosing Your Project

Making Your Mosaic

Finding and Buying Mosaic Supplies

  • Recycled Mosaic Art: How to find and used re-purposed and recycled mosaic materials in a responsible way.
  • Cheap Mosaic Tile: This lists sources of improvised mosaic tile and explains why vitreous glass tile is the best value for mosaic art.
  • Millefiori: An explanation of how Millefiori is made and how it can be used in mosaic art.
  • Glass Gems and Marbles: Information about the different types of glass gems and glass marbles.