Glass Mosaic Tile Art

Below is a selection of customer artwork made from glass mosaic tile. The mosaics we have chosen for this page all demonstrate basic design principles: tightly-cropped compositions, use of contrasting colors, arrangement of tile in work lines that suggest motion (andamento). These fundamentals are the real key to creating beautiful artwork, no matter what the media. Note that many of the mosaics below were made using ordinary vitreous glass tile, which is one of our most economical materials.

Phil Lamie

“The Four Seasons Mosaics” were created in December 2012 under the direction of art teacher Phil Lamie. Over 730 students in grades K thru 5 worked on the project, which will first be displayed at the Children’s Art Gallery in Carmel before coming home to Towne Meadow Elementary.

glass mosaic tile art bluebirdglass mosaic tile art hummingbird
glass mosaic tile art orioleglass mosaic tile art cardinal


“Metamorphosis” is another series of mosaics made under the direction of Phil Lamie. Every child in the Towne Meadow School (over 730 children ages 6 to 10) participated in the execution of the project. The finished mosaic consists of approximately 10,500 pieces of hand cut glass mosaic tile.

metamorphosis glass mosaic tile art


The “Evolve” mosaic was made by Phil and his daughter Jodi, age 14. All materials used were from Mosaic Art Supply.

evolve-1 glass mosaic tile art evolve-2 glass mosaic tile art

Linda Lenz

This Pink Ribbon mosaic sculpture was made by artist Linda Lenz as part of a fundraiser for breast cancer research sponsored by Kohl’s Department Stores. Linda’s ribbon was selected out of all entries to be displayed at Kohl’s corporate office during breast cancer awareness month. The other 15 ribbons (mostly painted designs) were displayed at various Kohl’s stores. Linda’s ribbon won the highest bid at the fundraiser’s auction and now resides in a mansion in Mequon, Wisconsin. The ribbon is made of glass tile, stained glass, mirror, fossils, and other found objects mounted on a fiberglass base.

linda lenz glass mosaic tile art

Jill Freshman-Cohen

The following work by Jill Freshman-Cohen is a mosaic interpretation of James Earle Frasier’s well-known sculpture “End of the Trail.” This mosaic makes excellent use of andamento to give different visual elements a sense of motion. Observe the sky surrounding the sun and the sloping hill on which the horse is standing, and how interesting these elements look when compared to mosaics where tile is arranged randomly (or in arbitrary patterns such as rows of triangles.) Similarly, the size of tesserae is optimal for the size of the details being depicted. Note the horse’s head, mane and legs and how details of these elements are rendered with a single tile.

End of the Trail mosaic by Jill Freshman-Cohen Jill resides in the Bronx, where she is a certified arborist for NYC parks, as well as the Queens forestry division. Jill plans to retire to Puerto Rico so that she can create mosaics full time.