Fusible Stained Glass Y96

6-inch Sheets of Fusible Stained Glass by Youghiogheny can be hand cut for use in mosaic art work or for glass fusing and slumping projects. The Coefficient of Expansion (COE) is 96. A firing schedule is provided in the full product description. Click on a color to see the full product description.

Remember — Hue and Opacity can change when glass is fired!

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  • Youghiogheny Stained Glass Sheets Y96-737 G Jet Black Granite

    Black Granite Y96-737 G Fusing Glass

  • Youghiogheny Stained Glass Sheets Y96-800 G Clear Granite

    Clear Granite Y96-800 G Fusing Glass

  • Iridescent-Dark-Vermillion-W90-14 stained glass sheet 6-inch for mosaic art.

    Karaoke Bar Iridized Y96-900 I Fusing Glass

  • Mascara Stained Glass Sheets y96-7173-M

    Mascara Y96-7173 M Fusing Glass

  • Sangoshou Iridescent Stained Glass Sheet

    Sangoshou Iridescent Y96-606 I Fusing Glass

  • Snow Angel Stained Glass Sheets y96-1000-I

    Snow Angel Y96-1000 I Fusing Glass

  • Baby Blue Opal Y96-6100 Fusing Stained Glass

    Baby Blue Opal Y96-6100 Fusing Glass

  • Stained Glass Sheets Brown Opal y96-2002

    Brown Opal Y96-2002 Fusing Glass

  • Deep Cobalt Y96-6000 Fusing Stained Glass

    Deep Cobalt Y96-6000 Fusing Glass

  • Elephant-Gray-Y96-7100 Fusing Glass

    Elephant Gray Y96-7100 Fusing Glass

  • Stained Glass Sheets Black Iridescent y96-737i

    Iridescent Black Y96-737i Fusing Glass

  • Kelly-Green-Y96-4004 Fusing Stained Glass

    Kelly Green Y96-4004 Fusing Glass

  • Stained Glass Sheets Lemon Meringue y96-5000-L

    Lemon Meringue Y96-5000-L Fusing Glass

  • Stained Glass Sheets Martian Landscape y96-9100-M

    Martian Landscape Y96-9100-M Fusing Glass

  • Y96-4000 Fusing Stained Glass

    Mint Green Y96-4000 Fusing Glass

  • Stained Glass Sheets Papaya Swirl y96-9500

    Papaya Swirl Y96-9500-T Fusing Glass

  • Pink-Opal-Y96-7007 Fusing Stained Glass

    Pink Opal Y96-7007 Fusing Glass

  • stained glass qs-hearts-y96-1000

    Heart Pack White Y96-1000

  • White Oal Stained Glass Stars Y96-1000

    Star Pack White Y96-1000

  • Placeholder

    Y96 Quick Shapes Fusible Stained Glass

  • 01_Fusible_Promo

    Fusible Stained Glass 96 COE 6-inch Sheet Y

Showing all 21 results