Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile 15mm are 4mm thick, the same nominal thickness as most of our glass tile. They are 15mm (roughly 5/8 inch) on each side and sold loose in bags of 1/2 pound, which is approximately 130 pieces. These are fine porcelain with solid color throughout. The tops are mechanically polished (buffed) but not glazed. They can be cut with our Compound Tile Nipper, and we recommend smoothing cuts in hard materials using the fine side of a marble file. These tiles and very hard and durable. Please note, the polished surfaces still have small incidental pits that can be stained with grout and colorants.

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  • Candler White G103 Polished Porcelain

    Candler White G103

  • Cheshire-Red-G912 Polished Porcelain

    Cheshire Red G912

  • Courtland-Gray-G204 Polished Porcelain

    Courtland Gray G204

  • Edgewood-Brown-Tint-G308 Polished Porcelain

    Edgewood Brown Tint G308

  • Freedom-Deep-Blue-G712 Polished Porcelain

    Freedom Deep Blue G712

  • Krog-Gray-Tint-G203-loose Polished Porcelain

    Krog Gray Tint G203

  • Langford-Golden-Tint-G907 Polished Porcelain

    Langford Golden Tint G907

  • Lenox-Slate-G802 Polished Porcelain

    Lenox Slate G802

  • Luckie-Lavender-G502 Polished Porcelain

    Luckie Lavender G502

  • Memorial-Lavender-Tint-G501-grid Polished Porcelain

    Memorial Lavender Tint G501

  • Metropolitan-Yellow-Tint-G909 Polished Porcelain

    Metropolitan Yellow Tint G909

  • Moreland-Golden-Yellow-G914 Polished Porcelain

    Moreland Golden Yellow G914

  • Morningside-Cinnamon-G913 Polished Porcelain

    Morningside Cinnamon G913

  • Peachtree-Pink-G911 Polished Porcelain

    Peachtree Pink G911

  • Piedmont-Green-Tint-G603 Polished Porcelain

    Piedmont Green Tint G603

  • Ponce-Orange-G908-loose

    Ponce Orange G908

  • University-Yellow-G910 Polished Porcelain

    University Yellow G910

  • Polished Porcelain Tiles 15mm

    Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile 15mm

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  • tumbled-amethyst-GMF09 glass gems are American made and rich in color.

    Tumbled Amethyst Translucent GMF09

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