Artist Employees at Mosaic Art Supply

Support the Arts in a Real Way

Employees at Mosaic Art Supply are emerging artists actively pursuing their passions. Every purchase you make from us supports the arts in a real and direct way, perhaps more so than any donation you could make to an arts related charity or foundation. For starters, we don’t have grossly overpaid directors from the patrician class, and we pay our employees as much as we can afford. More than we can afford actually, but not what they are worth. Unlike a lot of charities and foundations with overpaid directors, we have never had any unpaid interns.

Ivana Sorrells

she/they | Operations & Marketing Associate
Communication & Design Assistant - Ivana Sorrells
“Words be seeds.” – DRMA |

Natalija Moss

she/her | Website Manager
Website Manager - Natalija Moss

Joe Moorman

he/him | Owner
Owner - Joe Moorman