Grout Glue

Mosaic grout and glue for use in mosaic art craft projects and architectural coverings. The grout is traditional portland-cement grout with sand, and the glue is professional grade PVA water-based adhesive with no fumes. Click on a product to see the full description.

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  • Grouting Bag

    Grouting Bag

  • weldbond adhesive 160ml

    Weldbond Glue Mosaic Adhesive 160ml (5.4 oz)

  • weldbond adhesive 3 liter

    Weldbond Glue Mosaic Adhesive 3 Liter

  • Weldbond Glue Mosaic Adhesive 420ml (14.2oz)

  • Grouting Gloves

    Grouting Gloves

  • Grout Removal Tool

    Grout Removal Tool

  • Medium (Natural) Gray Grout for Mosaic Art

    Natural Gray Mosaic Grout 2.25 Lb

  • Thinset Mortar

    Thinset Mortar 2.25 Lbs


Showing all 8 results