Mosaic Artists Gallery

The Mosaic Artists Gallery at Mosaic Art Supply is a registry of online mosaic artists and mosaic studios. Each entry includes a thumbnail of the artist’s mosaic art plus a link to their website. If you are a mosaic artist interested in joining our registry, please apply by emailing your name and website to us. Mosaic Art Supply, LLC is not responsible for the content of external websites and makes no warranties for suitability for any purpose.

Doreen Adams mosaic art
Doreen Adams
Creative Art Mosaics
Malibu, California, USA
Haley Alcock mosaic art
Haley Alcock
Glass Shack Studio
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Frederic Lecut mosaic artist
Frederic Lecut
Mosaic Blues
Headland, Alabama, USA
Linda Lenz mosaic sculpture art
Linda Lenz
Lenz Fine Art
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Deb Aldo mosaic art
Deb Aldo
Pietre Dure Design
Sterling, Connecticut, USA
Aldo Anzaldi marble mosaic art
Aldo Anzaldi
Mosaici Romani
Rome, Italy
Jeannie Houston Antes contemporary mosaic art
Jeannie H. Antes
Contemporary Mosaics
Big Bear Lake, California, USA
Doug Arnholter dolphin mosaic art
Doug Arnholter
Doug Arnholter
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Elizabeth Aten river mosaic art
Elizabeth Aten
Elizabeth Aten Mosaic
San Marcos, CA
Elizabeth de Ath mosaic art
Elizabeth de Ath
Inspired Mosaics
Hove, East Sussex, UK
Sarah Azima Mosaic Artist
Sarah Azima
Azima Art
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jan Bakker mosaic art dish
Jan Bakker
Fieta Mozaiek
Roodeschool, Netherlands
Lorna Ball mosaic art trees
Lorna Ball
Lorna Ball Fine Art Mosaic
British Columbia, Canada
Faducci frog sculpture mosaic art
Solomon Bassoff & Domenica Mottarella
North San Juan, California, USA
kim bennett mosaic art
Kim Bennett
Mosaics by Kim Bennett
Southern California, USA
Mosaics by Hresula
Hresula Bentsen
Mosaico by Hresula
Loreto, Baja California Sur, MX
Mathieu Bergeron mosaic art
Mathieu Bergeron
Atelier Phebus
Grondines, Quebec, Canada
Sue Betanzos dog portrait mosaic art
Sue Betanzos
Sue Betanzos Designs
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Jose Blanco Mosaic Artist
Jose Miguel Blanco
Italica Arts
Austin, Texas, USA
Cherie Bosela Mosaic Artist
Cherie Bosela
Luna Mosaic Arts
Orlando, Florida, USA
Carrie A Bracker mosaic art sunflower
Carrie A Bracker
Nature’s Mosaics
North Yarmouth, Maine, USA
stephen brailo mosaic art
Stephen Brailo
Stephen Brailo Mosaics
Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Lilian Broca mosaic art
Lilian Broca
Lilian Broca Mosaics
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jeannette Brossart mosaic art landscape
Jeannette Brossart
Mother Nature Mosaics
Durham, North Carolina USA
Carl and Sandra Bryant mosaic art
Carl and Sandra Bryant
Showcase Mosaics
Lynden, Washington, USA
Connie Chantilis mosaic art
Connie Chantilis
CAC Mosaic Designs
Dallas, Texas, USA
Irina Charny mosaic art
Irina Charny
Irina Charny Mosaics
Irvine, California, USA
Joanna Chase mosaic art
Joanna Chase
Mazama Mosaic
Eugene, Oregon, USA
Mary Chiodini mosaic art
Mary Chiodini
Mary Chiodini Mosaics
Saint Louis, MO, USA
Cheryl Cohen mosaic art
Cheryl Cohen
Cheryl Cohen Mosaics Art Center
360 Woodland Street, Holliston, Massachusetts, USA
Johnathan Cohen Mosaic Artist
Jonathan Cohen
Los Angeles, California, USA
Marlene Coleman stained glass mosaic art
Marlene Coleman
Custom Mosaics by Marlene
Georgetown, Texas, USA
Anette Cossentine mosaic art
Anette Cossentine
Alla Bizantina Mosaics
Charlotte, NC, USA
Dominique Cote Mosaic Artist
Dominique Cote
Atelier Phebus
Grondines, Quebec, Canada
Claire Cotterill mosaic art
Claire Cotterill
Mosaic Design by Claire Cotterill
Birmingham, UK
Martha Coursey mosaic art
Martha Coursey
Mosaic Tile Works
Atlanta, GA, USA
Susan Crocenzi mosaic art
Susan Crocenzi
SC Mosaics
Grass Valley, California, USA
Robyn Spencer-Crompton mosaic art
Robyn Spencer-Crompton
Crompton Design
Santa Rosa, California, USA
Lisa Crone Mosaic Artist
Lisa Crone
Inspired Mosaic Homewares
Victoria, Australia
inspired mosaic homewares
David Cruise mosaic art
David Cruise
Chicago, IL, USA
Susie Curry mosaic art
Susie Curry
Susie Curry Mosaics
Richmond, Texas, USA
Anita Bucsay Damron mosaic art
Anita Bucsay Damron
Anita Bucsay Damron Fine Art
Reston, Virginia, USA
Mosaic dog Kate De Loach
Kate De Loach
Kate De Loach Creative Services
south Georgia, USA
Will de Vries mosaic art
Will de Vries
Will de Vries Mosaics
Manon Doyle mosaic art
Manon Doyle
Mosaics by Manon
Dublin, Ohio USA
Gary Drostle mosaic art
Gary Drostle
Drostle Mosaics
London, England, UK
Jane Duryea-O'Donnell mosaic art
Jane Duryea-O’Donnell
The Mosaic Studio
Gladstone, New Jersey, USA
Dale Eggers mosaic art
Dale Eggers
Paint Pals Mosaics
City Island, New York, USA
Eleanor mosaic art
Designs by Eleanor
Towaco, New Jersey, USA
Tobi Ellis cat portrait mosaic art
Tobi Ellis
Moonbug Mosaics
Bryan, Texas, USA
Kim Emerson mosaic art
Kim Emerson
Kim Emerson Mosaics
San Diego, California, USA
Anne Schwegmann-Fielding mosaic art
Anne Schwegmann-Fielding
Essex, UK
Cynthia Fisher mosaic art
Cynthia Fisher
Big Bang Mosaics
Charlemont, Massachusetts, USA
caren fishman mosaic art
Caren Zane Fishman
Zane Mosaics
Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
George Fishman mosaic artwork
George Fishman
George Fishman Mosaics
Miami Shores, Florida, USA
Bonnie Fitzgerald Mosaic Artist
Bonnie Fitzgerald
Bonnie Fitzgerald Art & Design
Vienna, VA, USA
Sandra Forrest mosaic art
Sandra Forrest
Sandra Forrest Mosaics
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Patty Franklin cardinal mosaic art
Patty Franklin
Patty Franklin Mosaics
Hamilton, Montana USA
Jennifer Freeman's Alice in Wonderland mosaic art
Jennifer Freeman
Mosaic Odyssey
Duluth, Georgia USA
 yetti frenkel mosaic art
Yetti Frenkel
Educational Murals
Peabody, Massachusetts, USA
Ilona Fried mosaic flower art
Ilona Fried
Mixed Media Mosaics
Denver, Colorado, USA
Anneliese Fritts Egyptian mosaic art
Anneliese Fritts
Studio A Art Gallery
Waverly Hall, Georgia USA
Carolan Fuhr mosaic art rainboot sculpture
Carolan Fuhr
Mama Katz Mosaic
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Valeria Fuqua flower mosaic art
Valeria Fuqua
Mistflower Studio
Downers Grove, Illinois USA
Betsy Gallery eagle mosaic art
Betsy Gallery
Betsy Gallery Mosaics
Santa Barbara, CA USA
Gisela Gibbon rabbit mosaic art
Gisela Gibbon
MAKEitSO Mosaics
Scarborough, UK
Jarosław Gliński Mosaic Artist
Jarosław Gliński
Mosaico Arte e Mestieri
Częstochowa, Poland
Pamela Pardue Goode mosaic art
Pamela Pardue Goode
Wild Hair Mosaics
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Kim Grant mosaic art ballerina shoe sculpture
Kim Grant
Kim Grant Mosaics
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Clare Green mosaic art reflective glass flower
Clare Green
The Art of Glass
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sandra Groeneveld cat mosaic art
Sandra Groeneveld
Kalimera Design Company
Montverde, Florida, USA
Dmitry Grudsky mosaic art sculpture
Dmitry Grudsky
Dmitry Mosaics
Newark, California, USA
Kathe Hall mosaic art tea pot
Kathe Hall
Jasper, Georgia, USA
Melissa Haist mosaic art
Melissa Haist
Mama Mosaics
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
Yulia Hananasen Mosaic Artist
Yulia Hananasen
Mosaic Sphere Studio, LLC
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Heather Hancock abstract mosaic art
Heather Hancock
H.H. Mosaics
Evanston, Illinois, USA
Kelly Harrah
KH Mosaics
Southern California, USA
Floy Height mosaic art portrait
Floy Height
Floy Freestyle
Texas, USA
Chris Heisinger stained glass mosaic fine art
Chris Heisinger
Heisinger Design
Evanston, Illinois, USA
Linda Hirsh mosaic art
Linda Hirsh
Poetry & Mosaic Paintings
Pacific Northwest USA
Xuan My Ho dog sculpture mosaic art
Xuan My Ho
Woodside, California, USA
Donna Hollander Mosaic Artist
Donna Hollander
Whittier, California, USA
Dionne Ible mosaic art
Dionne Ible
African Inspired Mosaic Art
Bedfordshire, UK
Robin Indar mosaic art
Robin Indar
Robin Indar Mosaics
Chico, California USA
Jacqueline Iskander abstract mosaic art
Jacqueline Iskander
Jacqueline Iskander Mosaics
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
Shug Jones and Julie Dilling mosaic art
Shug Jones and Julie Dilling
Tesserae Mosaic Studio
Plano, Texas, USA
Victor Jorgensen stained glass mosaic art
Victor Jorgensen
The Mosaic Maker
San Francisco, California, USA
Jynja concrete bench mosaic art
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Maiyan Karidi mosaic artist
Maiyan Karidi
Mystica Art & Design
Mark Kennedy Mosaic Artist
Mark Kennedy
United Kingdom
Instagram: markkennedyartist/
David Khalil horse mosaic art
David Khalil
Mosaic Arts
Tarpon Springs, FL USA
Barbara Keith mosaic art
Barbara Keith
Barbara Keith Designs
Lanesboro/St. Paul, Minnesota USA
Kate Kerrigan black and white winter landscape mosaic art
Kate Kerrigan
Bay Area, California, USA
Sonia King mosaic art
Sonia King
Mosaic Works
Dallas, Texas, USA
Dimitra Kolomvakov mosaic art
Dimitra Kolomvakov
Pebble Mosaics
Lakonia, Greece
Cecilia Kremer
Newton, MA, USA
Michael Kruzich Mosaic Artist
Michael Kruzich
San Francisco, CA, USA
Vicki Lankford mosaic art mirror
Vicki Lankford
Kracked Up Mosaics
Port Orange, Florida, USA
Sheri Lapin mosaic art dancers
Sheri Lapin
Sheri Lapin Mosaics
Houston, Texas, USA
Cherrie La Porte mosaic surfboard
Cherrie La Porte
Cherrie LaPorte Glass Artistry
Escondido, California, USA
Andree LeBlanc mosaic mailbox
Andree LeBlanc
Lagniappe Mosaics
Orlando, Florida, USA
Josh Levin Mosaics
Josh Levin
Josh Levin Mosaics
Rancho Mirage, California, USA
Bette Ann Libby mosaic art coffee collage
Bette Ann Libby
Mosaics and Ceramic Sculpture
Jamaica Plain, MA, USA
Liza Linder mosaic art
Liza Linder
Linder Mosaics
College Park, MD, USA
Jana and Majk Slovenian mosaic artwork
Jana and Majk
Jana and Majk
Koper, Slovenia
Tami Zweig Macala laughing sun mosaic art
Tami Zweig Macala
All Cracked Up Mosaics
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Jonathan Mandell mosaic art portrait
Jonathan Mandell
Jonathan Mandell Mosaics
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Gordan Mandich seasons fountain sculpture mosaic art
Gordan Mandich
Melbourne, Australia
Cathy and Greg Maxwell sisters across the sea orange sculpture mosaic art for Sendai and Riverside
Cathy and Greg Maxwell
Maxwell Mosaics
Riverside, California, USA
Julie Mazzoni poppy field mosaic art
Julie Mazzoni
Mazzoni Mosaics
Marietta, GA, USA
Dawn Mendelson mosaic art
Dawn Mendelson
Daybreak Mosaics
Long Beach, California USA
Laurie Mike mosaic art
Laurie Mike
Mika Arts
Encinitas, California, USA
Melissa Miller pique assiette mosaic art
Melissa Miller
Melissa’s Motifs Pique Assiette Mosaic Art Gallery
Des Moines, Iowa USA
Molly Moblo Perusse farm scene mosaic landscape art
Molly Moblo Perusse
A Work Of Art Studio
Lakeview, MI, USA
Christie Moore flamingo mosaic art
Christie Moore
Freestyle Mosaics
St. Augustine, Florida, USA
Joe Moorman river found-object mosaic art
Joe Moorman
Riverson Fine Art
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Natalija Moss stained glass anime mosaic art
Natalija Moss
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Linda Nadeau beach mosaic art
Linda Nadeau
Linda Nadeau Artist
Santa Cruz, California, USA
Audrius Naujokaitis mosaic art
Audrius Naujokaitis
Hudson Valley, NY, USA
Craig Nelsen mosaic art
Craig Nelsen
Mosaic Art By Craig Nelsen
Washington, DC, USA
Terry Nicholls mosaic art
Terry Nicholls
St. John’s, Newfoundland-Labrador, Canada
Liz Nicklus mosaic art
Liz Nicklus
Mosaics by Liz Nicklus
Millville, New Jersey USA
Audrey Meyer-Munz mosaic art
Audrey Meyer-Munz
Tel Aviv, Israel
Claudia Nagy mosaic art
Claudia Nagy
Linda Pannullo mosaic art
Linda Pannullo
Linda Pannullo Mosaics
Asheville North Carolina, USA
Eleanor Parr-DiLeo mosaic art
Eleanor Parr-DiLeo
Designs by Eleanor
Towaco, New Jersey, USA
Kenneth Pirtle mosaic art
Kenneth Pirtle
Amarillo, Texas, USA
Susanne Pitak Davis mosaic art
Susanne Pitak Davis
Susanne’s Roadside Attraction
Lambertville, NJ, USA
Sharon Plummer mosaic art
Sharon Plummer
Plum Art Mosaics
Houston, Texas, USA
Nancy Pollock mosaic art
Nancy Pollock
Dallas, Texas, USA
Marla Powers mosaic art
Marla Powers
Mosaic Fusion
Kendall Park, New Jersey USA
Anne Marie Price Mosaic Artist
Anne Marie Price
AMP art Studio
Allan Punton mosaic art
Allan Punton
Exmouth, Devon, UK
Sumukha Ravishankar mosaic art
Sumukha Ravishankar
Short Hills, New Jersey, USA
Gila Rayberg mosac art
Gila Rayberg
Gila Mosaics
Pensacola, Florida, USA
Laura Rendlen mosaic art
Laura Rendlen
L R Fine Mosaics
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Julie Richey mosaic art
Julie Richey
Julie Richey Mosaics
Irving, Texas, USA
Rosemary Rizzo mosaic art
Rosemary Rizzo
Flamingo Fanny Mosaics
Port Charlotte, Florida, USA
Jennifer Robinson & Yvonne Rowell mosaic art
Jennifer Robinson & Yvonne Rowell
Rocky Mountain Skulls
San Juan Mountains, USA
Patricia Rockwood mosaic art
Patricia Rockwood
Rockwood Studios, Inc.
Sarasota, Florida, USA
Deon Lee Roe stone mosaic art
Deon Lee Roe
Millennium Mosaics
Vancouver, Washington, USA
Rachel Rodi mosaci art
Rachel Rodi
San Francisco, California, USA
Aureleo Rosano Mosaic Artist
Aureleo Rosano
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Chiharu Rosenberg mosaic art
Chiharu Rosenberg
Forest Mosaic
Omaruru, Namibia
Jane Russell Mosaic Artist
Jane Russell
San Francisco, CA, USA
Frances Russo mosaic art
Frances Russo
Melbourne, Australia
Dan Rust Mosaic Artist
Dan Rust
Tara Casa
Cartagena, Spain
Patrizia Salles mosaic art
Patrizia Salles
Houston, TX, USA
Whimsy Mosaics
Edwin Salmeron and Ge’Vonna Keyes
Whimsy Mosaics
Silver Spring, MD, USA
Janet Sanders mosaic art
Janet Sanders
Myna Mosaics
Auckland, New Zealand
Myna Mosaics
Cindy Sbrissa mosaic art
Cindy Sbrissa
Mystic Mosaics Studio
Minneola, Florida, USA
Helle Scharling-Todd mosaic art
Helle Scharling-Todd
Contemporary Stained Glass and Mosaics
Ventura, California, USA
Faith Schexnayder mosaic art
Faith Schexnayder
FlatFork Studio
Austin, Texas, USA
Marilyn Schreiber mosaic art
Marilyn Schreiber
Hazel Park, Michigan, USA
Judith Scallon mosaic art
Judith Scallon
Scallon Art
Hemet, California, USA
Laurie Schlosser mosaic art
Laurie Schlosser
The Mod Mosaic
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Ilana Shafir mosaic art
Ilana Shafir
Ashkelon, Israel
Mosaic Artist Vera Nick
Vera Nick
Vera Nick Mosaic
Arizona, USA
Carol Shelkin mosaic art
Carol Shelkin
Carol Shelkin Mosaics
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Ariel Finelt Shoemaker mosaic art
Ariel Finelt Shoemaker
Mosaics by Ariel
Waltham, MA, USA
Elaine Sheridan mosaic art
Elaine Sheridan
Revelation Mosaic Art
Southwest Florida, USA
Mosaic Art by Michelle Sider
Michelle Sider
Michelle Sider Studio
Michigan, USA
Karen Silton mosaic art
Karen Silton
Mosaic Morphosis
California, USA
Rachel Silver mosaics
Rachel Silver
Rachel Silver Mosaics
London, England, UK
Terry Sitz mosaic art
Terry Sitz
Washington, DC, USA
Susanne Sorogon mosaic art
Susanne Sorogon
Sorogon Mosaics
Miami, Florida, USA
Bob Southwick mosaic art
Bob Southwick
Walking Bob Designs
Gleneden Beach, Oregon, USA
Karen Strapps Mosaic Artist
Karen Strapp
Strapp Studio Mosaics
Bloomfield, New York, USA
Brian Strickland mosaic art
Brian Strickland
Glass Mosaic Gallery
Traverse City, Michigan, USA
Cheryl Syminink mosaic art
Cheryl Syminink
C-Glass Studio
New Jersey, USA
Crystal Thomas mosaics
Crystal Thomas
Crystal Thomas Mosaics
Woodinville, Washington, USA
Penny Toomim mosaic artist
Penny Toomim
New Jersey, USA
Brooks Tower mosaic art
Brooks Tower
Pietre Dure Design
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Lois Turpin bee mosaic art
Lois Turpin
Moon Shadow Mosaics
New Jersey, USA
Aida Valencia mosaic art
Aida Valencia
Casa Valencia
Tijuana & Rosarito, Mexico
Donna Van Hooser puppy mosaic art
Donna Van Hooser
Sun Dog Mosaics
Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Lizz Van Saun mosaic art
Lizz Van Saun
Kast Hill Studio
Hopkinton, NH, USA
Susanne Vernon mosaic art
Susanne Vernon
Susanne Vernon Mosaics
Gulfport, Florida, USA
Nathalie Vin mosaic art
Nathalie Vin
Mosaic Worlds
London, UK
Susan Walden mosaic art
Susan Walden
Susan Walden Mosaics
Warner Robins, Georgia, USA
Rosalind Wates mosaic art
Rosalind Wates
Rosalind Wates Mosaics
London, UK
Lou Ann Weeks mosaic art
Lou Ann Weeks
Mosaic Artist
Melbourne, Florida, USA
Melvyn Weiner mosaic art
Melvyn Weiner
Silverlake Mosaics
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Cindy White mosaic art
Cindy White
Earth Mother Mosaics
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Deb Carlson Wight mosaic art
Deb Carlson Wight
Mozaic Designs
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Dyanne Williams mosaic art
Dyanne Williams
Dyanne Williams Mosaics
Beverly Hills, California, USA
Colleen Patricia Williams mosaic artist
Colleen Patricia Williams
Colleen Patricia Williams Artist
Portland, Oregon, USA
Joshua Winer mosaic art
Joshua Winer
School & Community Mosaics
Boston, MA, USA
Aly Winningham mosaic art
Aly Winningham
Terra Firma Studios
Austin, Texas, USA
Marie Wise mosaic art
Marie Wise
Fine Artist
Kalama, Washington, USA
Art by Carole Wolanow
Carole Wolanow
Dallas, Texas, USA
Lindy Woodall mosaic art
Lindy Woodall
Inspired Art & Mosaics
Saint Augustine, FL, USA
Lauren M Wooley mosaic art
Lauren M Wooley
LMW Mosaics
Northeast Ohio, USA
Leann Wooten mosaic
Leann Wooten
Broken Art Works
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Adele Zavatti italian mosaic art
Adele Zavatti
Meldola, Italy
Dawnmarie Zimmerman mosaic artist
Dawnmarie Zimmerman
Dawnmarie Zimmerman Mosaics
Ligonier, Pennsylvania, USA
Chris Zonta american mosaic art
Chris Zonta
Chris Zonta Mosaics
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Ray Zovar mosaic art
Ray Zovar
Silk Purse Enterprises
McFarland, Wisconsin, USA