Mosaic Information

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Mosaic Art Pages

  • Mosaic Portraits: Examples of mosaic portraits with a discussion of how to create photo-realistic images in mosaic.
  • Mixed-Media Mosaic: Examples of mixed-media mosaic artwork with a discussion of the significance and the process of creating it.
  • Mosaic Backsplashes: Examples and instructions for creating mosaic backsplashes and counter tops as well as shower mosaics.
  • Inspiring Mosaic Art: Inspiring examples of mosaic art that can be learned from and enjoyed.
  • Fun Mosaic Art: Examples of mosaic art that are fun and whimsical without being cute in a tired sort of way.
  • Glass Mosaic Tile Art: Examples of customer artwork made with glass mosaic tile.
  • Mosaic Fireplace: How to make mosaic fireplace surrounds with examples.
  • Floor Mosaics: Example of a mosaic medallion under construction with a discussion of floor mosaics laid out on fiberglass mesh.
  • Mosaic Artists Gallery: An illustrated list of mosaic artists and their websites.
  • Displaying Mosaic Art: Examples and information about how to display a mosaic.
  • Mosaic Art Openings:¬†Shows by mosaic artists at fine art gallery.
  • Mosaic as a Fine Art: Some thoughts about why mosaic is under-represented as a fine art, particularly in North America.

How To Mosaic and Mosaic Instructions

Choosing Your Project

Making Your Mosaic

Finding and Buying Mosaic Supplies

  • Recycled Mosaic Art: How to find and used re-purposed and recycled mosaic materials in a responsible way.
  • Cheap Mosaic Tile: This lists sources of improvised mosaic tile and explains why vitreous glass tile is the best value for mosaic art.
  • Millefiori: An explanation of how Millefiori is made and how it can be used in mosaic art.
  • Glass Gems and Marbles: Information about the different types of glass gems and glass marbles.

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