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12mm ElementileLarge Elementile recycled glass tile 1/2 pound

8mm ElementileSmall Elementile recycled glass tile 1/4 pound

8mm Iridescent ElementileIridized small Elementile 1/4 pound

12mm C3 Recycled Glass1/4 pound or 49 sheet-mounted tiles

Metallic and Iridized C3C3 with metallic or iridescent coatings 1/4 pound

3/4″ Hakatai Tile3/4″ vitreous glass tiles 1 pound

3/4″ Kaleidoscope Tile3/4″ glass tiles on 25-tile sheets

3/4″ Aventurine MetallicAvent metallic glass tile 1 pound

3/4″ Aura Metallic3/4″ metallic tiles on sheets of 25 tiles

Kaleidoscope 3/4″ Iridescentiridized 3/4″ tile on sheets of 25

3/8″ Hakatai Minis3/8″ vitreous mini glass tiles 1/2 pound

3/8″ Kaleidoscope Minis3/8″ mini tiles on 81-tile sheets

3/8″ Avent Metallic Minismini metallic glass tile 1/2 pound

Fantastix 1/2″ Iridescent Tile15mm iridized glass tile 1/2 pound

7/8″ Pre-Cut Stained Glass Tile7/8″ tiles on sheets of 16

1″ Mirror Tile1″ mirror tiles on sheets of 25 or by the pound

Mosaic Tile Assortmentsassortments of different mosaic materials (various weights)

Marble Mosaic Tile 3/8 Inch1 pound of 10mm marble tesserae

Marble Mosaic Tile 9/16 Inch1 pound of 15mm marble tesserae

Lyric Unglazed Porcelain Tile 18.5mmLyric brand porcelain tile 1/2 pound or sheets of 75

American Made Stained Glass6″x6″ squares of stained glass made in the USA

Ceramic Letter Tile Sets5/8″ ceramic letters

Ceramic Number Tile Sets5/8″ ceramic numbers

Glass Penny Rounds1/2 pound of 12mm Glass Rounds

Large Penny Rounds1/2 pound of 20mm Glass Rounds

Polished Gemstones4oz of polished minerals

Rough Minerals1/2 pound of rough minerals and crystals

SmaltiNext-gen easy-to-cut mosaic glass in 1/4 pound units

Glass GemsMade in USA 1/2 pound

Italian Millefiorimillefiori micro-mosaic tesserae in 2oz units

Mosaic Tools, Grout, and Gluemosaic supplies, safety equipment, and tools

Stepping Stone Moldsmolds in various sizes