Hakatai Vitreous

3/4-inch vitreous glass mosaic tiles by Hakatai are sold in 1-pound bags of approximately 145 to 150 pieces for use in mosaic art. The backs of these glass mosaic tiles are embossed with ridges to help mortars and adhesives bond more securely. Price is per pound. These can be used with other brands of 3/4-inch tile that have the same thickness (4mm = 1/8 inch), which is very common. Click on a color to see the full product description.

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  • Plum-A18 Mosaic Tiles

    Plum A18

    Sale! $5.91 $2.99
  • Mustard-D94 mosaic tiles

    Mustard D94

    Sale! $15.20 $9.11
  • Hakatai Glass Mosaic Tile 3/4 Inch

    Hakatai 3/4-Inch Glass Mosaic Tiles

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  • Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 3/4-Inch


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