Thinset Mortar 2.25 Lbs


2.25 lbs traditional dry thinset mortar for mounting tiles

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Thinset Mortar 2.25 lb is a traditional portland-cement mortar for mounting tiles in outdoor and wet locations such as showers where adhesives cannot be used. The mortar comes in the form of a dry powdered cement mixed with sand plus an adhesive polymer that makes it extra sticky and extra strong. This is the material you want to use if your desire is to press tiles into a grout-like cement without having to glue the tiles down first. Think of thinset as grout mixed with adhesive, which is what it is. When it hardens, it looks like concrete but is even stronger.

Thinset Mortar 2.25 lbs

  • traditional dry thinset mortar with sand
  • approximately 2.25 pounds
  • dry powder in plastic tub
  • just add water (9/10 cup)


Please don’t buy many units of this product. Instead, buy thinset in large bags from the building material store and save money.

How To Use Thinset Mortar For Mosaic Art

Mix the powdered thinset with approximately 9/10 cup of water until a dough-like consistency is achieved. Mist with water to control dust. Detailed instructions for handling, mixing, and using thinset mortar can be read at How To Use Thinset.


Always wear safety glasses with side shields when mixing and using thinset. It is cement with sand in it, and the motions of mixing and wiping can sling grit.

Portland cement products such as thinset contain powdered silica (sand) and is slightly caustic because of the lime it contains. Avoid breathing the dust. Use a dust mask when mixing or use a misting water bottle to avoid creating dust.

Thinset can also irritate the skin, sometimes severely if you have sensitive skin. The sand and rubbing required in grouting further aggravate this problem. To protect your skin when spreading thinset, wear heavy-duty rubber grouting gloves or thin examination gloves if you are using detailed work and need more dexterity.

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