Nitrile Gloves Disposable 9.5-Inch Medium 1 Pair


1 pair of gloves powder-free, latex-free, 4 mil, medium 9.5 inch

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Nitrile Gloves Disposable 9.5-Inch Medium 1 Pair are powder-free, latex-free 4 mil thick examination gloves for detailed work with thinset mortar and Weldbond adhesive. These are more durable than the latex gloves we used to sell and allow the wearer more dexterity than our heavy-duty grouting gloves.

Nitrile Gloves Disposable 1 Pair

  • material: nitrile
  • 1 pair
  • size: medium 9.5 inch
  • weight/gauge: 4 mil
  • color: blue
  • powder-free
  • latex-free

When To Use These Gloves

These gloves can keep your hands and fingertips clean when working with thinset mortar for an extended period, but they are thin and fragile and will not protect the hands from cuts. For that reason, you would NOT use these gloves for grouting, which involves a lot of rubbing and wiping over the surface of the mosaic and exposes the hands to sharp edges. For grouting, we recommend the Heavy-Duty Grouting Gloves, but even those can be sliced by a jagged piece of mosaic tile. Tip: It is better to keep grout gaps fairly narrow to make grouting easier and prevent fingertips from getting in between tile where they can be cut.

We use these gloves at our studio for making found-object mosaics from artifacts and thinset mortar, which involves a lot of careful positioning of small objects in concrete. The gloves are thin enough to not interfere with dexterity, yet they still keep the mildly caustic mortar from contacting the skin and drying it out. Some people also wear these gloves for working with Weldbond adhesive, but that is merely based on preference and not safety. We have never observed any problems with Weldbond on the skin, even when in contact for long hours day after day. Weldbond is a water-based adhesive and was selected by NASA for use in space because it is non-toxic.

Tip: Talcum powder can be used to help get the gloves on and off. We keep a dispenser of baby powder in our studio for applying to our hands before inserting them into gloves. Without the powder, the sweat from the hand makes getting the glove off a lot more difficult.

How To Make Mosaics

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