SPARDUSTER™ v2.0 Small Parts Dust Remover Vacuum Attachment


vacuum attachment with mesh screen for rapidly cleaning small parts and collecting glass dust from cutting tile.

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SPARDUSTER™ v2.0 Small Parts Dust Remover Vacuum Attachment is THE indispensable cleaning tool for any studio or workshop that uses many bins of small parts. Within seconds, remove glass dust and slivers from your glass mosaic cutting piles and storage jars WITHOUT sucking up and losing a single tile. This attachment transforms your vacuum hose from an eater of tiny pieces to a practical tool for cleaning small parts with minimal effort.

  • Remove pet hair and dust from pails of tiny parts in seconds!
  • Clean glass dust and slivers from thousands of tile pieces in less time than it takes to get out the vacuum!
  • Quickly gather up spilled beads, screws, and tiles without searching for individual pieces!
  • Remove dust and allergens from Legos and other floor toys you thought you would never have time to clean!
  • Never lose another small part to your vacuum!
  • Get years of use! The screen is replaceable and comes with spare material for making replacement screens.
“I don’t know how I managed my mosaic studio before I invented this. Clean ups went from dreaded chores of a half an hour or more to being less than two minutes of causal effort.” -Joe Moorman, inventor of SPARDUSTER and winner of Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes in Making PVC-Pipe Shop Crap

This 2.0 version of the Sparduster is a shop-built tool with rough finish and random cosmetic blemishes. The tool was redesigned for a more affordable price.

SPARDUSTER™ v2.0 Small Parts Dust Remover Vacuum Attachment

SPARDUSTER™ v2.0 was designed for standard size vacuum hoses (~1.6125 inches internal diameter), but it can easily be used with larger hoses, such as 2 inch shop-vacuum hoses by tying a rag around the tube before insertion.

This attachment is constructed from PVC plastic for long life. The fiberglass screen is replaceable and comes with 4 replacement screens. The openings in the screen are 2mm.

  • housing: PVC plastic
  • screen: fiberglass mesh, 2mm openings
  • maintenance: press-fit collar for replacing screens
  • length: 8 inches
  • outer diameter head: 1.7 inches
  • outer diameter insert tube: 1.3 inch
  • inner diameter: 1.189 inch
  • attachment method: none other than vacuum pressure
  • This is a shop-built tool with rough finish and random cosmetic blemishes

American Made

This tool is made in America by a company staffed exclusively by working artists.

How To Use SPARDUSTER™ Small Parts Dust Remover

Use the SPARDUSTER™ Small Parts Dust Remover as an attachment with a household vacuum or shop vac with a hose of 2 inches in diameter or less. Avoid using with high-powered shop vac (at least for long periods) because the air restriction may damage the vacuum’s motor.

Reverse It On The Hose To Clean Off Screen

Only vacuum pressure holds this attachment in your vacuum cleaner’s hose. There is no mechanism to disengage so that you can quickly pull the attachment out if parts block the screen and your vacuum’s motor starts to strain. You also need to periodically pull the attachment out and reverse it on the hose to clean off all the hair and lint it collects.

Gathering Spilled Parts

Small parts will stick to the screen. Simply hold SPARDUSTER™ over a container and pull it out of the vacuum hose, and the parts magically drop into the container.

WARNING: Don’t Strain Vacuum’s Motor

If you hear your vacuum’s motor straining (making a higher pitch sound than normal) as if the hose is blocked, then pull the SPARDUSTER™ out of the hose. Use good judgment and help your vacuum last for years. Clean the SPARDUSTER™ screen frequently by reversing it in the hose.

SAFETY: Use Hearing Protection

High-powered vacuum cleaners such as the larger shop vacs can make the air roar through the attachment, and thus ear protection may be warranted. However, you should already be wearing hearing protection (such as a simple pair of ear plugs) when running shop vacs. In our experience, the attachment is not as loud as the vacuum being used to power it.

Making Screens Last

A screen can last a long time if you don’t abuse it. Don’t force the attachment into loose parts like a stirring stick. Instead, shake the container a few times or lean it from side to side to expose new materials. Dump deeply-filled containers out into a pan to spread out the materials, make a few passes with the attachment, and then pour the pan back into the original container.

Replacement Screens

Replace worn screens BEFORE you start sucking up parts. The unit comes with enough screen mesh to cut 10 replacement filters.