Mini Diamond Files 5-Piece Set


mini diamond files 5-piece set with assorted blade styles for shaping and notching small mosaic tesserae

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The Mini Diamond Files 5-Piece Set contains different blade styles for shaping hard materials and creating detail notches in mosaic tile. The files are approximately 4 inches in length with vinyl handles. The material is diamond-impregnated steel. These are useful for shaping small tesserae for fine detail work in ordinary mosaic and micromosaic.

Mini Diamond Files 5-Piece Set

  • steel files impregnated with diamond dust
  • 5 different shapes
  • vinyl handles
  • approximately 4 inches in length

Do You Need This Tool?

These are not needed for most mosaic work, but they are recommended for micromosaic artwork for tiny pieces of glass needing precise shaping. For most mosaic artwork, you can cut and shape what you need with the standard tools such as the Mosaic Glass Cutter and the fine side of a Marble File.


An ordinary Dust Mask rated N95 is recommended for studio processes that create dust (filing, sanding, drilling, machining, mixing concrete products, etc.). Dust masks are important, but they don’t protect your clothing or your studio from dust, which is still a problem once you remove the mask. You can minimize exposure to dust in two ways: Use a HEPA-rated shop vacuum to clean your clothing and work surfaces before you remove your dust mask. You can also control dust at the source by misting with water from a spray bottle. Misting with water causes steel tools to rust more rapidly than normal, but that can be justified in terms of health but also the labor savings of not having to vacuum studios packed full of materials. Note that misting can’t be done around electric power tools for obvious reasons (Think jiggowatts.)

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.