Offset Tile Nipper


hand tool for cutting thin porcelain and ceramic mosaic tile.
offset blades help when cutting larger items such as broken plates or china.
QEP Model Number 10103

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The Offset Tile Nipper is a tile nipper meant for cutting ceramic and porcelain tile. This tool excels at cutting china plates and dinnerware and is easier to use than our ordinary tile nipper when it comes to cutting thin broken china.

  • Jaws are at an angle to make cuts from an edge easier
  • Tungsten carbide blades for long service life
  • Has thicker, more comfortable handle grips
  • Great for cutting thin china and porcelain dinnerware

This tool cuts ceramic and porcelain up to 5/16-inch (under 5mm) thick. Thicker dinnerware and stone can be cut using the compound tile nipper. The offset tile nipper can be used to cut recycled glass tile, but it is not recommended for that purpose. The blades are curved which can lead to irregular cuts on stone or marble.

Safety and Cutting Tile

  • Always wear safety glasses with side shields when using the cutters.
  • Make sure that you don’t cut glass around people who are not wearing safety glasses. Flying chips could potentially hit their eyes as easily as yours.
  • This tool is meant for cutting thin ceramic and porcelain tiles and dinnerware, up to 5mm (5/16-inch) thick.
  • Be aware that cutting tile can produce sharp tiny slivers. Never sweep off a work surface with your bare hand. Use a vacuum or counter brush.

Product Specifications for Offset Tile Nipper

  • steel hand plier with cushion grip
  • weighs 11 oz
  • tungsten carbide cutting blades
  • QEP model # 10103

Replacement Springs

Replacement Springs are available, but your cutters are not defective or useless if the springs fall off. The springs tend to fall of all hand tools eventually, even the most expensive brands. Keep your pinky fingers inside the handle instead of outside with the rest of your fingers and use that to open the tool. This is basic shop/studio practice for using any type of plier tool, most of which do not come with springs in the first place.

How To Make Mosaics

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