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safety glasses with ventilated side shields for use when cutting mosaic tile or mixing grout

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Safety Glasses With Side Shields are required safety equipment when cutting mosaic tile or mixing grout, which is mildly caustic and contains sand. Our safety glasses have ventilated side shields that reduce fogging by perspiration, and the glasses are made from impact-resistant plastic that cleans easily with soap and water. Replace your glasses when they become excessively scratched or damaged, and remember to put them on before starting work. PROTECT YOUR EYES.

When To Use Safety Glasses

Most people realize that they should wear safety glasses when cutting tile, but many of these same people would not think safety glasses were required for grouting. Grout is slightly caustic and contains sand, and the process of grouting requires lots of mixing and rubbing and wiping. These motions often cause pieces of sand and grit to fly unexpectedly, and cleaning up after grouting is also problematic. Shaking out wet sandy rags at the end of the day is notorious for getting sand in people’s eyes and should be done with care. Always wear safety glasses with side shields when mixing and applying grout.

How To Make Mosaics

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