Morjo™ Recycled Glass TRIANGLE Tiles 1/2 Pound

1/2 pound of triangular recycled glass tiles 20mm x 4mm, approximately 115+ pieces.

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MORJO Recycled Glass TRIANGLE Tiles by MORJO are sold loose by the 1/2 pound (approximately 115+ pieces). This covers slightly over 1/3 of a square foot with a standard grout gap of 1/16 inch. These 20mm triangle-shaped tiles have a glossy finish and solid opaque color throughout (and not just on the tops or bottoms).

WARNING: Morjo Recycled Glass Triangle vs. Square COLOR NAMES

While Morjo Triangle Tiles use the same color names as the Recycled Glass square tiles, the Triangle tile colors are not the same for the current batch of Yellow and the Cyan Blues. Compare product photos for reference. Triangle Yellow is a little greenish, and the Triangle Spring Green Light is almost a yellow. The Triangle Cyan Blues have hues that lean more pewter than the squares. Other Triangle colors (with less difficult pigments) are spot on. Slight batch variations can always impact matching exactly with square tile colors. Do not assume exact matches.

About Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile

Recycled glass is a homogeneous material with even and consistent solid color throughout. It cuts cleanly and predictably using the Wheel-bladed Mosaic Glass Cutter. Hard, durable, and UV-resistant, it is suitable for commercial building exteriors and other architectural applications. The fusing process for making these tiles from powdered recycled glass is referred to as “warm glass” or “enamel glass” or “pate de verre.”

Morjo Recycled Glass Triangle Tiles

  • tile size: ~3/4 inch (20mm) on a side
  • thickness: 1/8 nominal (4mm)
  • sales unit: 1/2 pound loose tile (about 115+ pieces).
  • material: glass
  • variety: recycled glass
  • pigments: colorfast, UV resistant
  • durability: frost-proof, impervious to liquid
  • usage: suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Each 1/2-pound bag of about 115+ tiles covers a little over 1/3 of a square foot assuming a standard grout gap of 1/16 inch.


Triangle tiles have a NOMINAL thickness of 1/8 inch (4mm), which is the same nominal thickness as most of the glass tile we sell. All tile varies by batch, but any variance in thickness should be irrelevant to most users. You can use these with other brands of recycled glass and even vitreous glass.

Cutting Recycled Glass Triangle Tile

Recycled glass cuts like butter using the Mosaic Glass Cutters without creating a lot of slivers or cutting waste. This makes them ideal for micromosaic or rendering small details in larger work.

Triangle Tiles in Mosaic Art

Triangle tiles can add playful variety, vivid solid color, and uniform angles to your mosaic. For other recycled glass mosaic shapes, see our circular Penny Rounds.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on making mosaic art, please see our Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions page, the How To Mosaic blog, or our Mosaic Information Guide. ;
ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Ultramarine Blue Tint-1 Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Ultramarine Blue Tint1 T1138 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Ultramarine Blue Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Ultramarine Blue T74 ODD8 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Cyan Blue Tint-2 Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Cyan Blue Tint2 T78 ODD8 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Cyan Blue Tint-1 Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Cyan Blue Tint1 T818 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Teal Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Teal T888 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Forest Green Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Forest Green T968 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Light Spring Green Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Light Spring Green T918 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Chartreuse Lemon Lime Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Chartreuse Lemon Lime T898 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Butter Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Butter T998 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Golden-Cream Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Golden Cream T368 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Sienna Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Sienna T328 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
Burnt Umber Triangle Glass Tile 20mm
Burnt Umber T428 oz bag ~115 tiles (20mm)$4.75
DISCONTINUED - Sample Board Morjo™ Triangle Glass Tile 3/4 Inch
DISCONTINUED - Sample Board Morjo™ Triangle Glass Tile 3/4 Inch$4.50
Triangle Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile 20mm
Morjo™ Recycled Glass TRIANGLE Tiles 1/2 Pound8 oz
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