Copper Foil for Stained Glass – 6mm (~1/4 inch) – 20 Meter Roll


copper foil 20 meter roll 6mm wide with adhesive backing for stained glass art

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Adhesive-backed copper foil can be used to make traditional stained glass art by foiling the edges of different pieces of stained glass and then soldering them together to make a beautiful design.

This foil is 6mm wide (about 1/4 of an inch) and 20 meters (about 65 feet) in length. The foil is thin and easy to fold down over the edges on your stained glass. This foil is great for opalescent stained glass like we sell, or for transparent glass when you’re going to be using copper patina when finishing your project. Our stained glass from Youghiogheny is 3mm thick, so the 6mm foil width is perfect for it.

Copper Foil

  • supply type: stained glass foil
  • copper with adhesive backing
  • 6mm wide
  • 20m roll
  • great for opalescent stained glass
  • also works with copper patina

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