Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile 15mm

1/2 pound loose porcelain tiles. Approximately 130 pieces.

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Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile 15mm are 4mm thick, the same nominal thickness as most of our glass tile. They are 15mm (roughly 5/8 inch) on each side and sold loose in bags of 1/2 pound, which is approximately 130 pieces. These are fine porcelain with solid color throughout. The tops are mechanically polished (buffed) but not glazed. They can be cut with our Compound Tile Nipper, and we recommend smoothing cuts in hard materials using the fine side of a marble file. These tiles and very hard and durable. Please note, the polished surfaces still have small incidental pits that can be stained with grout and colorants.

Grout Staining in Pits

Note that the polished surfaces still have small incidental pits that can be stained with grout. This isn’t a problem for our projects, and we have simply ignored the issue in our art. Do not order if this is a problem for your project.

Never Install Tile in Batches

Tile varies by manufacturer batch, and sometimes a color will go out of stock for an extended period if the manufacturer isn’t making it. You should never install tile before you are sure that you have all the tile you need. You could attempt to order more and find that the manufacturer has changed the color or discontinued it.

Product Coverage

Some colors are sold loose in 1/2-kg bags of approximately XXX tiles. Assuming a standard grout gap of approximately 1/16 inch, a bag of 1/2 pound will cover 55 square inches or 0.4 square feet. To cover 1 square foot, you will need about 3 bags. Use our tile estimator to calculate how much you need for your project.


The Polished Porcelain Tiles are 4mm thick, the same nominal thickness of most of our glass tile. They also have a glossy finish similar to glass.

Cutting Porcelain Tile

Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile 15mm is not soft like most glazed ceramic tile. Porcelain is extremely hard, but it can be cut. Our Compound Tile Nipper is the recommended tool for hard materials like stone and porcelain. A Marble File is also required for smoothing the edges of cuts and shaping the pieces. Exposed sharp edges should be rounded with the file for safety reasons.

Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile 15mm

  • sold by 1/2 pound, which is approximately 130 pieces.
  • fine porcelain with solid color throughout.
  • crisp edges, which more naturally matches cut edges.
  • Each tile is 15 mm x 15 mm x 8 mm thick (approximately 9/16 inch x 9/16 inch x 5/16 inch)
  • Coverage: 1/2 pound will cover 0.4 square feet when using a standard grout gap of approximately 1/16 inch.
  • Frost-proof, impervious to liquid.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


For architectural installations, the manufacturer recommends that the porcelain tile be installed with a latex-modified thin set mortar instead of glue. For dry indoor mosaics, we use Weldbond glue.

Porcelain is essentially non-porous and impervious to moisture, and so it is supposedly not stained by grouting, but we have noticed discrete pits and divots in the surface of the tile that can be filled with grout. For this reason, we recommend using GROUT RELEASE (from a building materials store) on the mosaic before grouting:

  1. Mount the tiles to the surface to be covered.
  2. Use a rag or small artists paint brush to apply GROUT RELEASE to the face of the tiles.
  3. Take care not to drip excess GROUT RELEASE in between the tiles or down the sides of the tiles or any place grout will need to bond.

How To Make Mosaic Art

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Cheshire-Red-G912 Polished Porcelain
Cheshire Red G9128oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$14.96
Candler White G103 Polished Porcelain
Claire White G1038oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.83
Courtland-Gray-G204 Polished Porcelain
Courtland Gray G2048oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$7.35
Edgewood-Brown-Tint-G308 Polished Porcelain
Edgewood Brown Tint G3088oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.25
Krog-Gray-Tint-G203-loose Polished Porcelain
Krog Gray Tint G2038oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.25
Langford-Golden-Tint-G907 Polished Porcelain
Langford Golden Tint G9078oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$10.82
Lenox-Slate-G802 Polished Porcelain
Lenox Slate G8028oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$7.99
Luckie-Lavender-G502 Polished Porcelain
Luckie Lavender-Gray G5028oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$7.99
Memorial-Lavender-Tint-G501-grid Polished Porcelain
Memorial Lavender-Gray Tint G5018oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.25
Metropolitan-Yellow-Tint-G909 Polished Porcelain
Metropolitan Yellow Tint G9098oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.83
Moreland-Golden-Yellow-G914 Polished Porcelain
Moreland Golden Yellow G9148oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.25
Morningside-Cinnamon-G913 Polished Porcelain
Morningside Cinnamon G9138oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.25
Peachtree-Pink-G911 Polished Porcelain
Peachtree Pink G9118oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$12.45
Piedmont-Green-Tint-G603 Polished Porcelain
Piedmont Green Tint G6038oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$6.25
Ponce Orange G9088oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$14.96
University-Yellow-G910 Polished Porcelain
University Yellow G9108oz ~130 tiles (15mm)$9.77
Polished Porcelain Tiles 15mm
Polished Porcelain Mosaic Tile 15mm

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