Loose Glass Mosaic Tile

Bag of E69 tiles
Many of our tiles come loose in bags like this.

Glass Tile on Easy-to-Remove Paper

Loose tile can easily be had by soaking paper-mounted sheets in water overnight. Unlike mesh, paper comes off easily.

Mosaic Art Supply sells several lines of glass mosaic tile that comes mounted face-down on easy-to-remove soakable paper:

Sheet of Scarlet 25 tiles mounted on a paper sheet
Tiles mounted on paper sheets are released by soaking in water.

Dealing With Mesh-Mounted Tile

You have probably noticed that most brands of glass mosaic tile at other suppliers come mounted on mesh sheets. The mesh sheets allow the entire sheet to be rapidly installed in ordinary tiling jobs.

To use individual tiles or pieces of tiles, it is generally necessary to remove the mesh. However, mesh can be extremely difficult if not impossible to remove due to advances in baked-on adhesives.

The solution requires thinking outside the box:

Consider cutting the mesh up with a pair of shop scissors and use individual tiles that still have some mesh attached to the bottom. Remember, the mesh was made to be glued down with the tile anyway. There isn’t any real reason it has to be removed other than ease of working.