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  • Charcoal-SM-7013 smalti mosaic glass

    Charcoal SM-7013

  • nowflake Obsidian rough unpolished minerals

    Snowflake Obsidian

  • A039-Muddy-Brown-Black Morjo 3/4" (20mm) Vitreous Glass Tile

    CHORLAKS muddy-brown-black MV20-A039

  • Black-SFTI-D901 Soft Glass Shapes


    Out of stock
  • Morjo-Glass-Mosaic-Tile-Irid-20mm-Black-WB49

    Black WB49

  • Obsidian-OP-R103 metallic glass mosaic tile

    Obsidian OP R103

  • Yellow-Black-Streaky-1725-s-dark stained glass

    Yellow Black Streaky 1725-S-Dark

  • Black Opal Mottled Glazed Ceramic Tiles

    Black Opal CG-779NT

  • A049-Black Morjo 3/4" (20mm) Vitreous Glass Tile

    ZOOTLE black MV20-A049

  • Outliners-Black-OMS-3 isometric

    Black Outliners Mosaic Sticks

  • Morjo-Stained-Glass-Mosaic-Tile-20mm-Black-412


  • Stout-OP-R84 metallic glass mosaic tile

    Stout OP R84

  • obsidian polished gemstones for use as accents in mosaic art.

    Obsidian PG-98

  • Yellow-Black-Streaky-1725-s-dark stained glass


  • 08MV-A039-Muddy-Brown-Black Morjo 3/8" (10mm) Vitreous Glass Tile for Mosaic Art Projects


  • stained-glass-Black-and-Lime-K163 stained glass sheet 6-inch for mosaic art.

    Black Lime K163

  • Morjo-Metallic-Glass-Tile-20mm-Black-G48


  • Black White Gray Assortment ab06 vitreous glass mosaic tiles by Hakatai are sold by the pound (approximately 145+ loose pieces) for use in mosaic art.

    Black White Gray Assortment AB06

  • Rhodonite (Madagascar) polished gemstones

    Rhodonite Madagascar PG-125

  • Black Millefiori by Mud Turtle Mosaic

    Black Millefiori Glass MTM

  • 08MV-A049-Black Morjo 3/8" (10mm) Vitreous Glass Tile for Mosaic Art Projects


  • toy-marbles-orca 5/8-Inch nominal for use as accents in found-object mosaic art.


  • Standard-Seed-Beads-Black-SB-49-STANDARD-1


  • Night-Black-C39 mosaic tiles

    Night Black C39

  • Snowflake Obsidian polished gemstones

    Snowflake Obsidian PG-99

  • Black White Gray Mosaic Art Glass Assortment 2 lbs

    Black White Gray

  • Black Rough Cut Millefiori with shards is cut to irregular thicknesses with some shards and slivers - an affordable product perfectly suited to glass fusing projects.

    Millefiori ROUGH CUTS & THINS Black

    Out of stock
  • MicroMosaic-Seed-Beads-Black-SB-49-MICRO-1


  • Black-12C09R Glass Penny Rounds

    Black 12C09R

  • zebra-marble polished gemstones for use as accents in mosaic art.

    Zebra Marble PG-93

  • Slate-Black-PORC-T1508 Unglazed Porcelain Mosaic Tile CHUNKY 15mm are over 5/16 inch thick and sold loose in bags of 1/2 kg, which is approximately 130 to 150 pieces.These are fine porcelain with solid color throughout.

    Slate Black PORC-T1508

  • Youghiogheny-Black-Y333-SP stained glass sheet 6-inch for mosaic art.

    Black Y333 SP

    Out of stock
  • MTM-Flower-Millefiori-Black-5

    Black Flower-Shaped Millefiori GP

  • Black-E049IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles

    Black E049IRI

  • Black 10MG56 metallic glass mosaic tiles

    Black 10MG56

    Sale! $13.28 $7.97
    Out of stock
  • Black Obsidian Rough unpolished minerals


  • Void Black H1P CHARMS top down view made from glazed ceramic for mosaic art


  • Morjo-Mini-Vitreous-Glass-Mosaic-Tiles-3-8-Inch-KIKORISH-licorice-10MV-A040-MINI Vitreous Glass Tile for Mosaic Art Projects


  • Black-White-Gray-Assortment-MV20

    Black White Gray Assortment MV20

  • Black-SM-1001 smalti mosaic glass

    Black SM-1001

  • Black L-58A-70 ceramic letter tiles

    Black L-58A-70

  • Hypersthene polished gemstones

    Hypersthene PG-155

  • Black Clear Opal Green Streaky 5013-s stained glass sheet 6-inch

    Black Opal Green 5013-S

  • Void-Black-IRREGULAR-H1


  • Black IRID12B009

    Black IRID12B009


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