Wholesale Mosaic

Wholesale mosaic accounts are available for professional artists, contractors and retailers. A valid sales tax certificate or business license is required. $500 minimum per order.

Urgent applications processed within a few hours for immediate orders.

Our wholesale accounts receive a professional discount code which allows them to purchase mosaic materials directly through the online retail site but at the wholesale price. Thus, wholesale customers can place orders quickly and have their discount applied without extra effort, emails, spreadsheets, invoices, etc.

To apply for a wholesale account:

1. Email the following information to [email protected]

  • business name
  • contact name (your name)
  • email address
  • business address

2. Mail a copy of your business license or sales tax certificate to:

Mosaic Art Supply
2964 Alcove Drive
Scottdale GA 30037 USA


  1. The discount must be used only on orders of $500 or more.
  2. Discounts cannot be made retroactively.
  3. Large orders usually ship in more than one package. This means that we will notify you before processing the order if additional shipping charges need to be made. We may alter the shipping method without notice if necessary to fulfill your order.
  4. There are a few expectations for professionals:
    • Professionals read product descriptions and order samples first if they are unsure.
    • Professionals have reliable email addresses and can use this for questions, concerns, and communicating deadlines and other communications. We do not take customer service calls over the phone.
    • Professionals understand that large or complicated orders take extra processing time.
  5. The Professional Discount can be cancelled at anytime without notice.

Urgent applications processed within a few hours for immediate orders.