Stainless-Steel Ruler With Clip


6-inch stainless-steel ruler graduated in inches and millimeters, 1/2-inch wide, with sliding clip

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Stainess-Steel Ruler With Clip is graduated in INCHES and MILLIMETERS. It is 6 inch x 0.5 inch in size and has a sliding “pocket” clip. This clip is best used to hold the ruler to pad of paper. We recommend that you NOT put sharp steel tools in your shirt pocket for the following reasons:

  1. It is not the 1960s.
  2. It destroys clothing.
  3. It destroys clothing even if you go total nerd with a pocket protector.
  4. It’s dangerous.
  5. Even engineers look stupid when they impale themselves.

Why You Need This

A stainless steel ruler and fine-tip permanent marker make it MUCH easier to cut the size and shape you need.

Usage Tip

Avoid trying to trim down a slightly incorrect piece to an exact dimension. Instead, mark and cut a larger piece or whole tile. If necessary, cut up several tiles to the size and shape you need, and use the best piece. That is always more efficient than trying to shave off a sliver from a piece that was cut slightly too large.

Stainess-Steel Ruler With Clip

Product Specifications:

  • stainless steel.
  • graduated in INCHES and MILLIMETERS.
  • sliding clip.
  • 6 inch x 0.5 inch in size.

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