Stained Glass 6-Inch Sheet Y

6×6-inch square sheet of American-made stained glass for making hand-cut mosaic tiles.



We offer a beautiful selection of Youghiogheny brand stained glass in 6-inch square sheets. Use these square sheets to hand cut your own art glass shapes for mosaics. Our selection includes bright, earth tone, transparent, and iridescent varieties, and many types including swirled, streaky, mottled, and textured, for endless possibilities in mosaic applications. Along with High Strike, Stipple, and Reproduction Glass, we also now carry Fusible, Dichroic, Uroboros, Oceana, Granite, Ripple, Modern Art Series, and Textured Streakies all by Youghiogheny.

Youghiogheny stained glass is the highest quality art glass suitable for mosaic artwork currently available on the market. We are very excited to be able to make this premier product available to our customers. Made in the USA.

Stained Glass Surface Finishes

We primarily carry Youghigheny’s High-Strike (HS) and Stipple (SP) glass lines, as indicated in the product number of each variation. Glass labeled RG is Reproduction Glass; these are authentic reproductions of Tiffany stained glass. High-Strike glass is a traditional mottled art glass and looks glossy. Stipple glass is high quality and has a waxy, ice-like effect, with a textured, shiny finish. RG glass usually has a finish that is very similar to the HS glass. The thickness is remarkably uniform at exactly 3 millimeters, which is about 1/8th of an inch.

Stipple Finish
Stipple glass has a waxy or ice-like finish. These usually have a degree of translucence to them and are great for use in glass-on-glass mosaics. The surface of the glass has a small amount of texture.
High Strike Finish
High Strike glass has a traditional finish, and is usually mostly smooth or glossy. This glass is more likely to be opaque. Reproduction Glass or RG variations usually have the same finish.

Finish Variations in Mosaic Art

The differences in texture and finish between HS, SP, and RG glass shouldn’t cause concern for most mosaic artists. We have used Stipple and High-Strike glass right next to each other in the same projects with spectacular results.

An N in the product number refers to use of neodymium for a strong purple pigment. The letter i refers to iridescence on the face of the glass.

Youghiogheny Stained Glass Sheet 6-Inch

  • STAINED GLASS VARIES IN COLOR AND PATTERN BY SHEET. Do not order if you cannot tolerate variation.
  • Sales unit: 6×6-inch square piece
  • Squares are hand-cut using a straight edge and not always perfectly square.
  • This is cutting stock for making small mosaic tiles; not intended for use as finished mosaic tile.
  • Thickness: 3 mm or 1/8th of an inch
  • Pigments: colorfast metal oxide.
  • Coverage: 1 sheet covers approximately 1/4 square feet.
  • frost proof
  • impervious to liquids
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • NOT suitable for floors. More fragile than glass tile.

Stained glass can have sharper edges than regular molded glass mosaic tile, so care must be used in cutting, handling, and grouting. Stained glass varies in color and pattern by sheet. Do not order if you cannot tolerate variation.

Product Coverage

Each 6-inch square sheet covers approximately 1/4 square feet when uncut. When you cut it up, you will gain additional coverage from the grout gap, but you will also lose some coverage in the form of cutting waste.


Sheet thickness is 3mm or approximately 1/8 inch, which is NOMINALLY the same as most of the glass mosaic tile we sell. That being said, mixed-media mosaics and even mosaic table tops are routinely made from dissimilar materials with even greater differences in thickness.

Cutting Stained Glass for Mosaics

Stained glass can be cut quickly with minimal force using our Mosaic Glass Cutters. Use this wheeled cutter for irregular rectangle and triangle shapes. For long straight cuts and curved cuts, use the Pistol-Grip Cutter to score the glass, and a pair of Running Pliers to apply pressure and snap it. Finally, you can also use cutting oil to lubricate cutters for more precision.

Use as Cutting Stock vs. Whole Tile

We hand cut these sheets using a straight edge, and so there is variation in size and straightness. We sell these square sheets as cutting stock for making small mosaic tiles, not as single finished tiles. Some sheets may have a rippled edge along one side of the glass – this is the outer edge of the larger sheet we cut into squares. For a finished tile option, see our 3/4-inch Morjo Stained Glass Tiles.

Mounting Stained Glass Mosaics

First, before mounting always rinse stained glass with detergent to remove any traces of cutting oil residue. Even if you don’t use cutting oil, it may be present from the manufacturer. For dry indoor mosaics, Weldbond adhesive works well for mounting stained glass. However, for outdoor and wet mosaics, we recommend you use thinset mortar.

Smoothing Sharp Edges

Stained glass often has sharper edges than molded glass mosaic tile when cut. At our studio, we use a marble file or a rubbing stone to knock off any razor edges remaining after cutting.

Safety Notes

We have chosen Youghiogheny stained glass for its beautiful quality and pigment density which makes it suitable for mosaic artwork. However, while it is non-porous and suitable for outdoor mosaic art including benches, tables, and garden décor, it is not recommended for tiling floors. If a mosaic becomes damaged on a surface where it could cut someone, then use the fine edge of a marble file to smooth the edge until you can replace the tile. This also applies to mosaics made with molded tile.

Rendering in Mosaic Art

Traditional stained glass art often makes use of custom-cut pieces that define entire figures or components. In mosaic art, the approach is different: figures and components are almost always built up from multiple tiles unless the object in question is particularly small. It is best to stick to one approach or the other for a particular piece of art..

American Made Stained Glass

Youghiogheny stained glass is made in Connellsville, Pennsylvania on the Youghiogheny River. This is quite possibly the most beautiful glass made in the world, including Italy. This is a great opportunity to buy an American-made product and support high labor and environmental standards at a price that is competitive with molded glass tile made in China.

How To Make Mosaic Art

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Clear Granite Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y96-800 G
Clear Granite Y96-800 G Fusing Glass1 sheet$6.20
Iridescent Wispy Clouds Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1006-Mi
Iridescent Wispy Clouds Y1006 Mi1 sheet$7.50
mallopft Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6606-hs-m
Mallsoft Y6606 HS-M1 sheet$5.69
Mascara Fusing Glass Youghiogheny y96-7173-M
Mascara Y96-7173 M Fusing Glass1 sheet$6.20
Sangoshou Iridescent Fusing Glass Youghiogheny Y96-606i
Sangoshou Iridescent Y96-606 I Fusing Glass1 sheet$7.38
Serpent Stained Glass Youghiogheny Oceana YO-627i
Serpent Iridescent YO627-I1 sheet$11.44
Shamrock Iridescent Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y96-400-I
Shamrock Iridescent Y96-400 I Fusing Glass1 sheet$7.97
Slime Princess Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y4500-SPi
Slime Princess Y4500 SPi1 sheet$8.68
Algae Forest Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y2021 HS
Algae Forest Y1049 RG1 sheet$6.32
Translucent Banana Bread Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1302-SP
Banana Bread Translucent Y1302 SP1 sheet$7.50
Bubble Tea Stained Glass Youghiogheny 5002-HS-T
Bubble Tea Y5002 HS-T1 sheet$5.91
Bubbly Soda Stained Glass Youghiogheny y7000 HS-T
Bubbly Soda Translucent Y7000 HS-T1 sheet$5.91
Caramel Popcorn Blend Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y2120-HS
Caramel Popcorn Blend Y2120 HS1 sheet$6.26
Cascade Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6666 HS-D
Cascade Y6666 HS-D1 sheet$6.32
Cerulean Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6666-HS
Cerulean Y6666 HS1 sheet$6.32
Chinese Violet Mauve Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y3000-HS
Chinese Violet Mauve Y3000 HS1 sheet$6.32
Cloudy Dark Red Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1097 SP
Cloudy Dark Red Y1097 SP1 sheet$9.75
Cotton Candy Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1667 RG
Cotton Candy Y1667 RG1 sheet$10.95
Cyan Amber Green White Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6642 RG
Cyan Amber Green White Y6642 RG1 sheet$6.32
Dark Violet Destiny Stained Glass Youghiogheny YN367-SP
Dark Violet Destiny YN367 SP1 sheet$12.11
Elephant-Gray-Y96-7100 Fusing Glass
Elephant Gray Y96-7100 Fusing Glass1 sheet$6.20
Elk Brown Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y2021-HS
Elk Brown Y2021 HS1 sheet$6.26
Ethereal Violet Stained Glass Youghiogheny NN77-SP
Ethereal Violet YNN77 SP1 sheet$14.47
Faint Silver Pink Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y9050-HS
Faint Silver Pink Y9050 HS1 sheet$6.32
Fire Ant Red Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y9010-SP
Fire Ant Red Y9010 SP1 sheet$14.47
Green Blue Dream Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1664 RG
Green Blue Dream Y1664 RG1 sheet$5.91
Intense Jade Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y4000-HS
Intense Jade Y4000 HS1 sheet$6.32
Interstellar Nebula Translucent Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1567-SP
Interstellar Nebula Y1567 SP1 sheet$9.75
Kobold Translucent Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6016-SP
Kobold Translucent Y6016 SP1 sheet$7.09
Lavender Ghost Stained Glass Youghiogheny YNN-SP
Lavender Ghost YNN SP1 sheet$14.47
Lemon Meringue Fusing Glass Youghiogheny y96-5000-L
Lemon Meringue Y96-5000-L Fusing Glass1 sheet$9.86
Mantis Green Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y4001-HS
Mantis Green Y4001 HS1 sheet$6.32
Mermaid Scale Transparent Iridescent Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y800 Mi
Mermaid Scale Transparent Iridescent Y800 Mi1 sheet$8.75
Mint Green Fusing Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y96-4000
Mint Green Y96-4000 Fusing Glass1 sheet$6.20
Mushroom Hunter Stained Glass Youghiogheny y-5242-G
Mushroom Hunter Y5242 G$9.74
Mystery Lunar Blue Stained Glass Youghiogheny YM-HS
Mystery Lunar Blue YM HS1 sheet$14.47
Opal Gray Blend Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1717-HS
Opal Gray Blend Y1717 HS1 sheet$6.32
Pale Cyan Translucent Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6600 SP
Pale Cyan Translucent Y6600 SP1 sheet$7.50
Peanut Butter And Jelly Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1053-SP
Peanut Butter and Jelly Y1053 SP1 sheet$7.50
Pink Hair Dye Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y5667-RG
Pink Hair Dye Y1177 SP1 sheet$14.47
Pink Opal Fusing Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y96-7007
Pink Opal Y96-7007 Fusing Glass1 sheet$15.06
Poolside Blue Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6600-HS
Poolside Blue Y6600 HS1 sheet$6.32
Primary Red Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y9000-SP
Primary Red Y9000 SP1 sheet$12.11
Soapstone Gray Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y700-HS
Soapstone Gray Y700 HS1 sheet$6.32
Swampy Green Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y4302-HS
Swampy Green Y4302 HS1 sheet$6.32
Toasty Marshmellow Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y5242 G-L
Toasty Marshmellow Y5242-G-L1 sheet$9.74
Watercolor Pink Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1007 GHS
Watercolor Pink Y1007 GHS1 sheet$14.47
Wild Waters Translucent Fusing Glass Youghiogheny Y96-4606M
Wild Waters Translucent Y96-4606 M Fusing Glass1 sheet$6.79
Wispy Gray Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y1313-HS
Wispy Gray Y1313 HS1 sheet$6.32
Zabenya Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y5667-RG
Zabenya Y5667 RG1 sheet$9.75
Bosque Tropical Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y6645-SP
Bosque Tropical Stipple Y6645 SP1 sheet$9.92
Marigold Opal Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y5501-HS
Marigold Opal High Strike Y5501 HS1 sheet$8.92
Casino Dichro Translucent Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y946-td-t
Casino Dichro Translucent Y946 TD-T1 sheet$11.81
Dichroic Caramelized Yellow White Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y510 TD
Dichroic Caramelized Yellow White Y510 TD1 sheet$11.81
Dichroic Red Cobalt Y906 TD1 sheet$13.78
Dichroic Red White Blue Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y916-TD
Dichroic Red White Blue Y916 TD1 sheet$11.81
Dichroic Red Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y900 TD
Dichroic Red Y900 TD1 sheet$13.78
Dichroic Yellow Emerald Cobalt Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y546-TD
Dichroic Yellow Emerald Cobalt Y546 TD1 sheet$11.81
Dichroic Yellow Emerald Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y504-TD
Dichroic Yellow Emerald Y504 TD1 sheet$11.81
Riverbed Dichro Stained Glass Youghiogheny Y516-TD
Riverbed Dichro Y516 TD1 sheet$11.81
Clear Lime Stained Glass Youghiogheny Uro U-60-7312-96
Clear Lime Fusible U60-7312-961 sheet$7.97
Cosmic Bog Ripple Stained Glass Youghiogheny u65-95-ir
Cosmic Bog Ripple U65-95 IR1 sheet$12.23
Distant Sky Stained Glass Youghiogheny U 00 40
Distant Sky U00-401 sheet$8.62
Plum Opal Fusing Stained Glass Youghiogheny U-60-96
Plum Opalescent (Fusible) U60-520-961 sheet$7.97
Royal Aquatic Ripple Stained Glass Youghiogheny U65-850
Royal Aquatic Ripple U65-8501 sheet$12.23
Vibrant Green Stained Glass Youghiogheny u-00-74
Vibrant Green U00-741 sheet$8.62
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