Smalti Mosaic Glass

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Smalti is traditional hand-cut mosaic glass that has a different look and feel from molded tile. It is the glass to use for reproducing religious icons, antique mosaic art, or making modern interpretations of classical designs. Is is sold by the 1/4 pound, which is 40+ pieces on average.

Mud Turtle Mosaic™ brand smalti is a next-generation smalti. It looks like ordinary smalti (non-molded hand-cut rectangles), but it can be cut more predictably and cleanly with less waste and fewer shards, which often an issue with smalti. Avoid having to discard a significant percentage of your expensive materials as cutting scrap. This brand cuts more efficiently because of how it is poured and cooled. With Mud Turtle Mosaic™ smalti, extra care is taken to ensure that the mixture is more homogeneous and that little or no cold seams are formed during the pouring of the molten material out on the slab. The result is that are fewer blobs and swirls and fault plains inside the glass. These artificial internal structures are what causes regular smalti to break in such odd ways and form such vicious finger-poking shards. With this brand, there are also fewer surface pits and crevices for grouts and mortars to contaminate.

Product Coverage

One sales unit (1/4-pound) covers a little over 9 square inches uncut with no grout spacing. Depending on how you cut the smalti, you could get about 12 to 14 square inches of coverage per 1/4 pound. A good rule of thumb is 2.5 to 3 pounds per square foot.

Traditionally mosaics made from smalti were not grouted. However, if your mosaic will be outdoors or in a wet location, then you need to leave a gap between the tiles so that if can be filled with grout to seal out moisture. Having a grout gap means that you will need about 10 to 15% less smalti than otherwise.

Piece Count

One sales unit (1/4-pound) USUALLY contains 40+ pieces, with 42 being the average for the material we sampled. However, the smalti is sold by weight, and if the factory cuts a batch with slightly larger pieces, then that batch will have fewer pieces per 1/4 pound.


Smalti is hand cut when it is made at the factory, and so it had a different look and feel from regular molded glass mosaic tile that is pressed into a uniform shape. Smalti is also significantly thicker than most of the glass tile we sell. For these reasons, mosaics look best when they are made from one type material or the other but not both.

Cutting Smalti

Mud Turtle Mosaic™ Smalti cuts extremely well with the mosaic glass cutters that we sell.

Smalti Mosaic Glass

  • Price is per 1/4 pound, which is USUALLY 40+ pieces.
  • The factory could potentially cut the pieces slightly larger, which would reduce the piece count per 1/4 pound.
  • hand-cut non-molded rectangular pieces.
  • variable dimensions: ~1/4 inch x ~5/8 inch x ~1/4 inch thick.
  • coverage: about 2.5 to 3 pounds per square foot with coverage being affected by how the smalti is cut by the artist.
  • Pigments: colorfast metal oxide.
  • Solid color throughout.
  • Opaque.
  • Cut surface is glossy.
  • Cuts relatively easily with mosaic glass cutters.
  • Heat, frost and chemical resistant.
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential installation, indoors and out.

Use in Mosaic Art

This smalti is probably the best you can find is you need to render small details in smalti because it can be cut smaller with less waste than other brands. It also has little or no surface pitting, so you can grout a mosaic made from this material without having specks of grout remaining all over the face of the mosaic in pits. The product is highly recommended.

How To Make Mosaic Art

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Smalti Assortment SM-MX00 1-POUND1 lb ~160 tiles$21.01
Smalti Sample Board$13.00
Ultramarine Blue A SM-40074 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Ultramarine Blue A Tint 3 SM-40104 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Ultramarine Blue A Tint 5 SM-40124 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Ultramarine Blue B SM-40014 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Ultramarine Blue B Tint 3 SM-40044 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Ultramarine Blue B Tint 5 SM-40064 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Navy Blue SM-40134 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Navy Blue Tint 3 SM-40164 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Navy Blue Tint 5 SM-40184 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cyan Blue SM-40194 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cyan Blue Tint 3 SM-40224 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cyan Blue Tint 5 SM-40244 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Teal SM-50014 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Teal Tint 3 SM-50044 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Teal Tint 5 SM-50064 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Deep Green SM-50074 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Deep Green Tint 3 SM-50104 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Deep Green Tint 5 SM-50124 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Leaf Green SM-50194 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Leaf Green Tint 3 SM-50224 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Leaf Green Tint 5 SM-50244 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Pea Green SM-50134 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Pea Green Tint 3 SM-50164 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Pea Green Tint 5 SM-50184 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Chartreuse SM-20254 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Chartreuse Tint 3 SM-20284 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Chartreuse Tint 5 SM-20304 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Indian Yellow SM-20314 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Indian Yellow Tint 3 SM-20344 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Indian Yellow Tint 5 SM-20364 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cad Yellow SM-20074 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cad Yellow Tint 3 SM-20104 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cad Yellow Tint 5 SM-20124 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Orange-Yellow SM-20134 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Orange-Yellow Tint 3 SM-20164 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Orange-Yellow Tint 5 SM-20184 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cad Orange SM-60134 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cad Orange Tint 3 SM-60164 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Cad Orange Tint 5 SM-60184 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Red Tint 3 SM-60044 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Red Tint 5 SM-60064 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Maroon SM-60194 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Maroon Tint 3 SM-60224 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Maroon Tint 5 SM-60244 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Purple SM-60074 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Purple Tint 3 SM-60104 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Purple Tint 5 SM-60124 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Golden Ocher SM-20194 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Golden Ocher Tint 3 SM-20224 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Golden Ocher Tint 5 SM-20244 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Raw Sienna SM-70014 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Raw Sienna Tint 3 SM-70044 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Raw Sienna Tint 5 SM-70064 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Burnt Umber SM-70074 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Burnt Umber Tint 3 SM-70104 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Burnt Umber Tint 5 SM-70124 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Smoke SM-00054 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Smoke Tint 3 SM-00024 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
White SM-00004 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Charcoal SM-70134 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Charcoal Tint 3 SM-70164 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Black SM-10014 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Black Tint 3 SM-10054 oz ~40 tiles$5.25
Smalti Mosaic Glass