Small Polished Gemstones

1/4-pound small polished gemstones (approx. 40 to 60 pieces)

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Small Polished Gemstones are natural undyed stone sold in 1/4 pound lots. There are approximately 40 to 60 pieces per 1/4 pound. Piece size ranges from approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch. Gemstones have natural variation in their exact color, pattern, and shape. Do not order if that is a problem. Gemstones should be used as accents not area coverage. Coverage varies based on how the gemstones are nested and whether or not they are placed on end or flat.

Product Specifications

  • tumble-polished natural undyed gemstones.
  • material can vary by color and pattern.
  • price is per 1/4 pound.
  • approximately 40 to 60 pieces per 1/4 pound.
  • Piece sizes range from approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch.

Natural Material

We do not sell dyed gemstones. All of our stones are natural material that has been rounded and smoothed by tumbling in silicon carbide grit and then polished with metal oxide.

Product Variation

The gemstones we sell have been running fairly consistent over the years, but there is always the potential for pattern, color, and roundness to vary slightly from the product photographs.

Product Coverage

There is no straightforward answer to coverage for materials that are irregular in shape such as the gemstones. Certain pieces will be thin, and these do not always look right when you position them flat next to a piece that is much fatter or rounded. For this reason, the thin pieces are usually nested on end, or at least semi-overlapped, which is best accomplished by pressing them into thinset mortar (but can be done with glue as well). Nesting or overlapping the gemstones on end means that they cover less area than they would if laid flat, and that is why they are mostly used for accents in mixed-media mosaics instead of covering areas. Area coverage would probably be about 2 to 3 square inches per 1/4 pound maximum, but probably less if you nest them a little as recommended. If you are serious about using gemstones for area coverage in a large mosaic, we strongly recommend first ordering a few units and making a prototype of your mosaic, maybe a small section 2 inches x 2 inches.


These can be used in mosaics with regular flat glass mosaic tile. Most pieces are fatter than 1/8-inch thick tile, and their raised rounded surfaces can add a dimensional element to an otherwise flat mosaic. However, thin pieces should be oriented so that they aren’t covered by grout. You can use sand and glue to “shim up” thin pieces so that they are level with surrounding tile. If you are interested in using a lot of irregularly-shaped objects instead of flat tile, then consider using thinset mortar instead of glue. Thinset is sticky concrete, and you can press glass marbles and gemstones and other globular objects into it, which is a lot easier than trying to glue them to a flat surface.

Cutting Polished Gemstones

Cutting tumbled gemstones tends to mar their polished surfaces and is usually not done. We have cut some varieties of our gemstones in half with Tile Nippers and then glued them cut side down, which was conveniently flat. All that being said, the gemstones are different types of minerals, and some may be extremely hard or likely to shatter instead of cutting cleanly. As always, test your materials and methods before planning a large project around them.

How To Make Mosaic Art

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.
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Amazon Agate polished gemstones for use as accents in mosaic art. healing
Amazonite Agate PG-204 oz ~40-60 pieces$9.45
Amethyst DARK polished gemstones
Amethyst DARK PG-264 oz ~40-60 pieces$7.50
Banded Carnelian polished gemstones
Banded Carnelian PG-104 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.08
Blue Chalcedony polished gemstones
Blue Chalcedony PG-454 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.38
Brecceated Jasper polished gemstones
Brecceated Jasper PG-794 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.00
Carnelian polished gemstones
Carnelian PG-94 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Citrine polished gemstones
Citrine PG-XX4 oz ~40-60 pieces$12.69
dalmation-stone polished gemstones
Dalmatian Stone PG-554 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.05
Dragon Stone Jasper
Dragon Stone Jasper4 oz$9.00
Dyed Turquenite
DYED Turquenite PG-1454 oz ~40-60 pieces$8.25
fire-agate polished gemstones
Fire Agate PG-1484 oz ~40-60 pieces$29.25
Green Chalcedony
Green Chalcedony Polished Gemstones4 oz$6.75
green-moss-agate polished gemstones
Green Moss Agate PG-124 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.05
Green Quartz PG-115
Green Quartz PG-1154 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.75
Grey Banded Agate polished gemstones
Grey Banded Agate PG-134 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.08
Howlite PG-714 oz ~40-60 pieces$7.50
Jasper PG-804 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.00
Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper Polished Gemstones4 oz$7.50
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli PG-864 oz ~40-60 pieces$28.50
Leopard Skin Jasper
Leopard Skin Jasper PG-884 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Moonstone Tones PG-96B4 oz ~40-60 pieces$12.00
Nephrite Jade polished gemstones for use as accents in mosaic art. healing
Nephrite Jade PG-774 oz ~40-60 pieces$21.00
Obsidian PG-984 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Opal Olive polished gemstones
Opal Olive PG-1504 oz ~40-60 pieces$7.50
Peach Quartz polished gemstones
Peach Quartz PG-1164 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Petrified Wood polished gemstones
Petrified Wood PG-1584 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.00
Prasiolite Polished Gemstones4 oz$5.25
Red Aventurine polished gemstones
Red Aventurine PG-294 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.40
Red Jasper polished gemstones
Red Jasper PG-834 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
RED Tigers Eye polished gemstones
RED Tigers Eye PG-1404 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Rhodonite (Canadian) polished gemstones
Rhodonite Canadian PG-1594 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.75
Rhodonite (Madagascar) polished gemstones
Rhodonite Madagascar PG-1254 oz ~40-60 pieces$8.10
Girasol polished gemstones
Rock Crystal PG-1274 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.25
Serpentine polished gemstones
Serpentine PG-1314 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.00
Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz PG-1194 oz ~40-60 pieces$7.50
Snow Quartz polished gemstones
Snow Quartz PG-1204 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.00
Snowflake Obsidian polished gemstones
Snowflake Obsidian PG-994 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Sodalite polished gemstones
Sodalite PG-1324 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Star Jasper
Star Jasper Polished Gemstones4 oz$6.00
Sunstone polished gemstones
Sunstone PG-1364 oz ~40-60 pieces$6.00
Turritella Agate polished gemstones
Turritella Agate PG-174 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.43
Unakite polished gemstones
Unakite PG-1464 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.05
Yellow Jasper polished gemstones
Yellow Jasper PG-844 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Yellow Quartz polished gemstones
Yellow Quartz PG-1214 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.91
Zebra Marble polished gemstones
Zebra Marble PG-934 oz ~40-60 pieces$5.05
Polished Gemstones Assortment
Economy Assortment PG-004 oz ~40-60 pieces$4.72
Polished Gemstones healing
Small Polished Gemstones