Self-Locking Tweezers 4.5-Inch


steel tweezers self-closing

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Self-Locking Tweezers 4.5-Inch are a good option for people with tremors and other problems that make it difficult to keep tweezers closed when lifting a tile. Note that the tips of these tweezers are pointed, and some people prefer the chisel tip of our regular thumb tweezers. Other people prefer the pointed tips because they don’t accumulate as much drying glue. It’s all a matter of personal preference and remembering there are other options if you find that one style of tweezers doesn’t work for you.

Tweezers help reduce the frustration of positioning tiny tiles. These tweezers were not specifically manufactured for mosaic, but we would not recommend doing mosaic work without it or some sort of tweezers, especially if using tile or pieces cut 3/8 inch or smaller.

How to Reduce Frustration

Tweezers make it infinitely easier to dip your tile in adhesive or thinset without contaminating your fingertips. They also makes it much easier to position the tile on the surface without messing up what you have already done. Most of the frustration of making a mosaic comes from accidentally bumping tiles that you have already positioned, and tweezers keep this from happening quite so often. The trivial cost of a basic pair of tweezers is the best money you can spend as far as reducing frustration. You will also be able to attempt more detailed designs than you would consider if using only your fingertips.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or cutting and grouting tile, please see our Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions page or our How To Mosaic blog or our Mosaic Information Guide.