Red White Blue 3-Color U-Mix 8mm (1-75-117)


3 bags of individual colors (350+ pieces/bag) 1050 tiles total 1.65 lbs

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Red White Blue 3-Color U-Mix 8mm 1-75-117 Color Assortment 1.65-lb is 3 bags of individual colors (0.55 lb each) that you mix yourself to create an assortment. You receive 3 bags (350+ pieces/bag), adding up to about 1050 tiles total, which covers about 84% of a square foot with a standard grout gap of 1/32 inch. The 2-digit part number of each of these individual colors is listed in the the SKU of the assortment. These assortments come separated as individual colors so that users can tweak the ratios while mixing or arranging in gradients to create unique results.

Read product description of individual colors. to see full specs, cutting method, installation tips, and compatibility.