Penny Round Glass Tile Thinny-Pennies™ 12mm

1/2 pound of penny round recycled glass tiles
12mm x 4mm, approximately 185+ pieces.



MORJO Thinny-Pennies 12mm are recycled glass penny round tiles. These flat circular mosaic tiles have a smooth and glossy finish and solid opaque color throughout. Each 1/2-pound bag contains approximately 230 tiles. This amount of tile covers slightly over 1/3 of a square foot (about 49 square inches) with a standard grout gap of 1/16 inch.

Thinny Pennies have the same thickness as regular glass mosaic tile (4mm or 1/8 inch). Unlike glass gems, another common round tile, pennies have a flat and even surface rather than puffed. This makes them much easier to use with other types of glass tile and easier to grout. Our old-version small and large penny rounds have a puffed or “fat” surface.

Recycled glass is a homogenous material made by fusing powdered glass. It has solid and consistent color all the way through and cuts cleanly and predictably using the Wheel-bladed Mosaic Glass Cutter. Hard, durable, and UV-resistant, it is suitable for commercial exteriors and murals.

Rough Bottoms for Improved Bonding

The bottoms of these tiles are left intentionally rough and chalky from manufacturing for better bonding strength. Rough, scratched, or etched glass bonds more effectively than embossed ridges. Also, while embossed ridges can interfere with cutting, rough bottoms allow smooth controlled cutting.

Penny Round Glass Tile Thinny-Pennies 12mm

  • glass penny round tile
  • tile size: 1/2 inch (12mm) diameter
  • thickness: 1/8 nominal (4mm)
  • sales unit: 1/2 pound loose tile (about 230+ pieces).
  • coverage: 1/3+ square feet (49 square inches).
  • material: glass
  • variety: recycled glass
  • shape: circle, penny, flat round
  • pigments: colorfast, UV resistant
  • durability: frost-proof, impervious to liquid
  • usage: suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Each 1/2-pound bag of about 230 tiles covers slightly over 1/3 of a square foot (49 square inches) assuming a standard grout gap of 1/16 inch.

Grout Gap?

Note that dry indoor mosaics do not require grouting, and so for those you can simply mount the tiles tightly together. On the other hand, wet and outdoor mosaics must have grout to prevent water from penetrating behind the tiles. For those, leaving a 1/16-inch gap allows enough grout to adhere between the tiles.


Like most of the glass tile we sell, flat penny rounds have a nominal thickness of 1/8 inch (4mm).

Cutting Recycled Glass Thinny-Pennies

Recycled glass penny tiles cut easily and efficiently using the Mosaic Glass Cutters.

Round Tile in Mosaic Art

Use penny round tiles to create dotted patterns, curves, flower shapes, and more. Arrange whole pennies or circular segments into swirls, waves and spirals. Small pieces can be the key to rounded details.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on making mosaic art, please see our Mosaic FAQ page, our How To Mosaic blog, or our Mosaic Information Guide. ;
ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Glacier 12mm penny round assortment
Glacier U-Mix 3-Color Assortment 1.5 lbs (1-75-113)3x 1/2-lb bags$12.13



Ultramarine 12mm penny round assortment
Ultramarine U-Mix 3-Color Assortment 1.5 lbs (74-75-113)3x 1/2-lb bags$12.13



Ultramarine Blue Tint-1 penny round 12mm
Ultramarine Blue Tint1 Y113-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Ultramarine-Blue penny round 12mm
Ultramarine Blue Y74-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Ultramarine Blue Dark Y75-12mm
Ultramarine Blue Dark Y75-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Cyan Blue Tint-2 penny round 12mm
Cyan Blue Tint2 Y78-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Cyan Blue Tint-1 penny round 12mm
Cyan Blue Tint1 Y81-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Teal Tint-3 penny round 12mm
Teal Tint 3 Y85-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Teal Tint-2 penny round 12mm
Teal Tint 2 Y87-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Teal penny round 12mm
Teal Y88-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Mint penny round 12mm
Mint Y119-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Forest Green penny round 12mm
Forest Green Y96-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Leaf Green Deep penny round 12mm
Leaf Green Deep Y118-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Spring Pea Green penny round 12mm
Spring Pea Green Y92-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Light Spring Green penny round 12mm
Light Spring Green Y91-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Chartreuse penny round 12mm
Chartreuse Lemon Lime Y89-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Yellow penny round 12mm
Yellow-Greenish Y43-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Butter penny round 12mm
Butter Y99-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Golden-Cream penny round 12mm
Golden Cream Y36-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Indian Yellow Deep penny round 12mm
Indian Yellow Deep Y44-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Yellow-Orange penny round 12mm
Yellow Orange Y45-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Red-Orange penny round 12mm
Red Orange Y48-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Fiery-Orange penny round 12mm
Fiery Orange Y47-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Caramel Cream 12mm penny round assortment
Caramel Cream U-Mix 3-Color Assortment 1.5 lb (32-36-42)3x 1/2-lb bags$12.13



Sienna penny round 12mm
Sienna Y32-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Burnt Umber penny round 12mm
Burnt Umber Y42-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Purple penny round 12mm
Purple Y62-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Lavender penny round 12mm
Lavender Y60-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Lavender-Pink penny round 12mm
Lavender Pink Y57-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
White penny round 12mm
White Y01-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Black penny round 12mm
Black Y09-12mm8 oz ~175 tiles (round)$4.65
Penny Round Glass Tile Thinny Pennies 12mm
Penny Round Glass Tile Thinny-Pennies™ 12mm

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