Navin’s Special-Purpose Tweezers


4.5-inch stainless-steel straight tweezers with “needle-point” tips

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Navin’s Special-Purpose Tweezers are 4.5-inch stainless-steel straight tweezers with “needle-point” tips. The straight needle-point style is the best style of tweezers for micro-mosaic work, especially when used in concert with a dental pick. In the studio, we find ourselves using these when working with glass tile of all sizes up to 3/4-inch vitreous. If you are cutting tile or mounting each tile one at a time, tweezers are extremely helpful.

Fun Facts about Navin’s Special-Purpose Tweezers

Some people are saying that these tweezers were made from steel recovered from the famous German battleship Bismark in forges fired by wood from the true cross. Others are saying that only steel from King Arthur’s sword Excalibur could have produced such an amazing pair of tweezers. In my heart, I think it’s even better than that. I like to believe that these tweezers were made from an extraterrestrial alloy smuggled out of Area 51 in Roswell and that Bigfoot and JFK Jr. helped get it out. More cynical voices are saying that these tweezers are more “special purchase” than “special purpose.” These horrible people claim that the tweezers were discovered by accident when Joe made a typo in a part number on a supplier order, but that’s such a boring way of looking at the world.

Reduce Frustration

With tweezers, you can attempt more detailed designs than you would even consider if limited to using only your fingertips. Improve your art while reducing frustration.

How To Make Mosaics

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