N95 Comfort Dusk Mask 1 each


N95 dust mask with braided headbands, adjustable nose clip, and exhalation valve

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N95 Comfort Dust Mask has braided headbands, an exhalation valve, and an adjustable nose clip to make wearing it more comfortable. This is a a 3M brand 8511 particulate dust mask that meets NIOSH and OSHA standards and is rated at N95. The N95 rating means they capture 95% of all particles 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. We wear these when mixing grout and thinset mortar.

Product Specifications

  • 3M brand 8511
  • quantity: 1 each
  • N95 particulate rated
  • NIOSH and OSHA approved
  • adjustable nose clip
  • braided headbands for comfort
  • exhalation valve

When and How To Use The N95 Comfort Dusk Mask

Keep in mind that dust masks are only part of a strategy to prevent breathing dust. You should also mimimize the amount of dust you generate by pouring and mixing carefully and using spray bottles to mist the grout as you mix it.

The masks are not individually wrapped, so keep the box closed during storage to prevent incidental contamination.

Vacuum off used masks before storing them in individual Ziplock sandwich bags labeled with the student’s name.

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