Murano Heart Glass Bead Large 1 piece


1 glass bead approximately 1.5 inches

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Murano Heart Glass Beads are very large 1.5 inch and sold by the piece. These beads are competitively priced for use in mosaic art. They are not much thicker than most of our brands of glass mosaic tile, and they are flat and easy to grout. Note that these bead have a wire hole in the FACE of the bead for mounting in jewelry. We just fill these holes up when grouting.

Product Coverage

This is a problematic question because beads was intended to be used as an accent instead of as area coverage. One bead is about 1.5 inches across.


Murano Heart Glass Beads are thicker than most of our glass tile, but they are still flat and easy to grout.

Cutting Murano Heart Glass Beads

These beads are best used uncut.

Murano Heart Glass Beads

  • Price is for 1 bead
  • Width: ~1.5 inches.
  • Height: ~1.5 inches.
  • Thickness: 5mm.
  • Coverage: use as accent.
  • Material: glass of varying degrees of translucence.
  • frost proof.
  • impervious to liquids.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Not suitable for floors.

How To Make Mosaic Art

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