Morjo™ Metallic Glass Mosaic Tiles 3/4 Inch

1/2-lb of 3/4-inch (20mm) metallic glass tiles.

(approx. 75 pieces)

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Morjo™ Metallic Glass Mosaic Tiles contain powdered copper swirls and streaks for a permanent, UV resistant sparkle. Sold by the 1/2 pound (approximately 75+ pieces). They are durable, frost-proof, and suitable for outdoor mosaics, yet easily cut into halves, quarters, and triangles with little force using a pair of Mosaic Glass Cutters. The grooved embossing on the back improves bond strength.

Morjo™ 3/4-Inch Metallic Glass Mosaic Tiles

  • Sales unit: 1/2 pound (roughly 75+ tiles).
  • Tile dimensions: 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch (20mm x 20mm).
  • Tile thickness: 4mm (1/8 inch nominal).
  • Material: glass with metallic copper dust swirled inside the glass.
  • Coverage: each 1/2 pound covers 0.35 square feet.
  • Coverage: 218 loose tiles cover 1 sq ft. with grout spacing of 1/16 inch.
  • Frost-proof, impervious to liquid.
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Product Coverage

Each pound covers 0.69 square feet, assuming a standard grout spacing of 1/16 inch. Coverage for 1 square foot requires 218 tiles. Note that cutting tiles generates some scrap, so you may want to budget 5% extra.


Our Metallic mosaic glass tile is compatible with our 3/4-inch Morjo™ Vitreous, Lojee-Nojee™, and Morjo™ Iridescent product lines. The 3/4 inch size (20mm) and 1/8 inch nominal thickness (4mm) is industry standard, which means these tiles can mix and match with a wide variety of brands.

Cutting Glass Tile

Though durable enough for outdoor mosaics, this tile cuts easily with minimal force using the mosaic glass cutters. Ordinary tile nippers are not recommended for any type of glass, as they will tend to crush the material rather than yield a precise cut.

Metallic Glass Tile in Mosaic Art

Even as an occasional accent, metallic glass tile will add sparkle, depth and luminosity to any mosaic project. Break up monochromatic color fields with their metallic equivalent, or sprinkle in pieces to add drama to your details.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or cutting and grouting tile, please see our Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions page or our How To Mosaic blog or our Mosaic Information Guide.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Metallic Glass Mosaic Tiles Assortment 3/4-Inch
METALLIC Glass Mosaic Tiles Assortment 3/4-Inch 1 lb1 lb ~145 tiles (20mm)$16.18
Black-G488 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Brass-GA368 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$8.80
Cobalt-Blue-G198 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Cyan-Blue-G168 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Deep-Amber-G368 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Deep-Blue-GA578 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$8.80
Deep-Green-G288 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Metallic Glass Mosaic Tile GA45 Deep Wine
Deep-Wine-GA458 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$8.80
Emerald-Green-G268 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Fog-G028 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Honey-Gold-G348 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Light-Cyan-Blue-G148 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Light-Gray-G588 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Light-Green-G248 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Milk-Blue-GA118 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$8.80
Mint-G608 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Navy-Blue-G178 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Powder-Blue-G128 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Royal-Blue-G628 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Teal-GA658 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$8.80
Ultramarine-Blue-G158 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
White-G078 oz bag ~75 tiles (20mm)$4.90
Morjo™ Metallic Glass Mosaic Tiles 3/4 Inch
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 3/4-Inch
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 3/4-Inch$13.44