Morjo ™ 12mm IRIDESCENT Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile

49 tiles 1/2 inch on removable paper sheet 3.625 x 3.625 in

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12mm Iridescent Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile by MORJO Mosaic Tile are sold on removable paper sheets of 49 tiles glued face down with chalky-backs showing. (Remove by paper and chalky mold release by soaking for about 1/2 hour.) Each sheet covers approximately 1/11 of a square foot assuming a grout gap of 1/16 inch. These tiles have a glossy finish, and the glass has solid color throughout (and not just on the tops or bottoms.) Opaque when mounted on an opaque surface. Back sides are chalky, but they wash clean when the paper is soaked off the faces. More details below:

Chalky backs of tile
Chalky BACKS of tile are showing. The faces are nice and glossy, but they come face down on the removable paper sheets. Soak the tiles for about a half hour to remove the paper.

These wonderful tiles cut cleanly into tiny pieces with minimal waste, and so they are an ideal material for micromosaic artwork. They are hard and durable and UV-resistant and can be used for the exteriors of commercial buildings. The fusing process for making these tiles from powdered recycled glass is referred to as “warm glass” or “enamel glass” or “pate de verre.” Mounting grids are available.

Soaking To Remove Paper

Soaking to remove paper is NOT extra work! Why not? Because you should always rinse loose tile to remove glass dust created during shipment. These tiles are glued with starch glue, which turns to jelly in water and is rinsed away. Please do not order if that is a problem. These are a premium material intended for artists wanting the best colors at a competitive price. Soak for less than 1/2 hour to avoid turning the paper to pulp.

White Chalk on Bottoms

There is factory chalk on the bottoms of the tiles, which rinses off easily in the soaking process. The tiles look as photographed on our website once soaked free of the paper.

Morjo 1/2-Inch Iridescent Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile

  • tile size: ~1/2 inch (12mm)
  • thickness: 1/8 nominal (4mm), but runs slightly thicker than most other brands nominally 4mm
  • sales unit: 49 tiles temporarily mounted face down on paper.
  • sheet size: 3.625 x 3.625 inches (~1/11 square foot).
  • material: glass
  • variety: recycled glass
  • pigments: colorfast, UV resistant
  • durability: frost-proof, impervious to liquid
  • usage: suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Each sheet of 49 tiles is 3.625 inch x 3.625 inch and covers 1/11 of a square foot assuming a standard grout gap of 1/16 inch. Use our tile estimator to calculate how much you need for your grouted project. For no grout gap, you will need about 13.2 sheets to cover each square foot.

Grout Gap?

Note that dry indoor mosaics do not have to be grouted (and thus you can simply mount the tiles tightly together), but outdoor and wet mosaics must have grout to prevent water from penetrating behind the tiles. The best way to ensure that the gaps between the tiles is to leave a 1/16-inch gap instead of pressing them tightly together, and this point seems counterintuitive to some people. Consider this: you can never mount them so closely together that water can’t penetrate it, but you can accidentally put them so close that grout doesn’t get adequately pressed into the crack during the grouting process.


These tiles have a NOMINAL thickness of 1/8 inch (4mm), which is the same nominal thickness as most of the glass tile we sell, but these run slightly thicker than Elementile and vitreous.

Cutting Morjo 12mm Glass Mosaic Tile

The MORJO brand cuts like butter into tiny pieces using a pair of Mosaic Glass Cutters. You can make tiny cubes without a lot slivers or cutting waste. This makes them ideal for micromosaic or rendering small details in larger work.

Use in Mosaic Art

The color palette of the Morjo Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile is rich in hue and tint, and this makes it a professional rendering tool suitable for portaiture and murals. The 12mm (~1/2 inch) size is sufficiently large for conventional applications, but the material cuts very cleanly into small pieces that can be used for micromosaic artwork.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Cyan Blue Tint1 IRID12B081
Cyan Blue Tint1 IRID12B0818 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Cyan Blue Tint3 IRID12B077
Cyan Blue Tint3 IRID12B0778 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Midnight Blue IRID12B110
Midnight Blue IRID12B1108 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Ultramarine Blue IRID12B074
Ultramarine Blue IRID12B0748 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Ultramarine Blue Tint1 IRID12B113
Ultramarine Blue Tint1 IRID12B1138 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
glass mosaic tile ultramarine blue tint 2 IRID12b072
Ultramarine Blue Tint2 IRID12B0721 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Ultramarine Blue Tint3 IRID12B112
Ultramarine Blue Tint3 IRID12B1128 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Teal IRID12B088
Teal IRID12B0888 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Teal Tint2 IRID12B087
Teal Tint2 IRID12B0878 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Forest Green IRID12B096
Forest Green IRID12B0968 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Mossy Brown Green IRID12B106
Mossy Brown Green IRID12B1068 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
glass mosaic tile mossy brown green tint 1 IRID12b104
Mossy Brown Green Tint1 IRID12B1041 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Chartreuse Lemon Lime IRID12B089
Chartreuse Lemon Lime IRID12B0898 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
glass mosaic tile butter IRID12b099
Butter IRID12B0991 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Yellow IRID12B043
Yellow IRID12B0438 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Faint Golden Yellow IRID12B037
Faint Golden Yellow IRID12B0378 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Indian Yellow Deep. IRID12B044
Indian Yellow Deep. IRID12B0448 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
glass mosaic tile yellow ochre IRID12b039
Yellow Ochre IRID12B0391 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass tile mosaic yellow orange IRID12b045
Yellow Orange IRID12B0451 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass mosaic tile orange tint 2 IRID12b114
Orange Tint2 IRID12B1141 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Red Orange IRID12B048
Red Orange IRID12B0488 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Primary Red IRID12B117
Primary Red IRID12B1178 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.56
Umber IRID12B054
Umber IRID12B0548 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Burnt Umber IRID12B0421 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Burnt Umber Tint1 IRID12B0271 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass mosaic tile burnt sienna IRID12b034
Burnt Sienna IRID12B0341 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass mosaic tile sienna IRID12b032
Sienna IRID12B0321 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass mosaic tile yellow sienna IRID12b040
Yellow Sienna IRID12B0401 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass mosaic tile sienna tint 4 IRID12b030
Sienna Tint4 IRID12B0301 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Cinnamon Cream IRID12B0251 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass mosaic tile faded caramel cream IRID12b024
Faded Caramel Cream IRID12B0241 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
glass mosaic tile khaki IRID12b103
Kahki IRID12B1031 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Cream Deep1 IRID12B1071 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Golden Cream IRID12B036
Golden Cream IRID12B0368 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Purple IRID12B062
Purple IRID12B0628 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.56
Lavender IRID12B060
Lavender IRID12B0608 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Lavender Pink IRID12B057
Lavender Pink IRID12B0578 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Lavender Pink Tint2 IRID12B055
Lavender Pink Tint2 IRID12B0558 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
glass mosaic tile lavender cream IRID12b022
Lavender Cream IRID12B0221 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.10
glass tile mosaic salmon tint 1 IRID12b011
Salmon Tint1 IRID12B0111 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
12mm Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile 1/2 Pound Loose in bag
Black IRID12B0098 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.56
Black IRID12B009
Black IRID12B0098 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.56
Dark Gray IRID12B0071 sheet of 49 tiles (12mm)$1.35
Dark Gray IRID12B007
Dark Gray IRID12B0078 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Medium Gray IRID12B005
Medium Gray IRID12B0058 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
Light Gray IRID12B004
Light Gray IRID12B0048 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.31
White IRID12B001
White IRID12B0018 oz bag ~175 tiles (12mm)$4.56
Morjo 12mm Iridescent Recycled Glass Tile ISO 300x265
Morjo ™ 12mm IRIDESCENT Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile LOOSE
Morjo 12mm Iridescent Recycled Glass Tile ISO 900px
Morjo ™ 12mm IRIDESCENT Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile
mosaic tile mounting grid 12mm
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 12mm$17.50