Glazed Ceramic Tile Charms

1/4 lb tiny glazed ceramic tiles in 16 assorted shapes. over 190 pieces.

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Glazed Ceramic Tile Charms are assortments of 16 different shapes. These tiles are tiny. They are sold by the 1/4 pound, which is over 190 pieces, possibly over 220 pieces if a batch of tile is running slightly thinner.

The product is scooped at random, and we cannot control the quantity of each shape in a 1/4-pound scoop or pick certain shapes for you. The shapes come mixed as assortments from the factory.

The 16 different shapes in the assortments are stars, crescent moons, arrows, flowers, hearts, ovals, eggs, triangles, pentagons, circles, semicircles, wedges, drops, trapezoids, diamonds, and blundersnurks.

Glazed Ceramic Charms

  • Sold by the 1/4 pound.
  • glazed ceramic tile in 16 symbolic shapes.
  • width: less than 1/4 inch.
  • thickness: roughly 4mm-5mm. varies slightly.
  • not certified for flooring. The glazes of the metallic colors would be extremely vulnerable to scratching.
  • metallic and iridized colors should not be used outdoors or in wet environments.
  • Susceptible to freeze damage. Use a tile and grout sealer.

Preventing Freeze Damage

Glazed ceramic materials are particularly susceptible to freeze damage, as are all porous materials. There are micro cracks in the glaze, which allows moisture to penetrate into the pores of the ceramic and then freeze, expand and crack the material. This can be minimized by sealing your FINISHED mosaic with multiple applications of a tile and grout sealer from the local building material store. You can also prevent this damage by bringing you stepping stones and mosaic lawn sculptures inside for the winter months.

Piece Count

Piece count varies because thickness varies by batch. If a batch is running slightly thinner, then 1/4 pound might contain 230 pieces. If a batch is running slightly thicker, then 1/4 pound might only contain 190 pieces.

Product Coverage

Each 1/4-pound sales unit should cover an area of roughly 5 x 5 inches or 25 square inches (0.17 square feet) assuming a small grout gap.


Tile thickness is slightly thicker than our 4mm-thick glass mosaic tile, and the thickness varies between batches and even within a batch, but not by much. Most artists could mix these with glass mosaic tile and not be bothered by any slight difference in thickness, but if a batch ran particularly thick, the unglazed sides of the ceramic tile might be slightly visible above the thinner glass tile if you don’t grout.

Cutting Tile

Cutting should not be required due to the small size, but these could be cut with a Mosaic Tile Nipper such as we sell.

Use in Mosaic Art

As discussed above, sealing with a tile and grout sealer is important for preventing freeze damage. These can be used with glass mosaic tile. The metallic and iridized colors should not be used outdoors or in wet environments.

How To Make Mosaic Art

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Anther Yellow Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Anther-Yellow-H71P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$5.50
Apple Green Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Apple-Green-H143P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$5.50
Cayenne Red Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Cayenne-Red-H4P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$5.50
Modern White Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Modern-White-H3P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$5.50
Persimmon Orange Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Persimmon-Orange-H6P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$5.50
Void Black Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Void-Black-H1P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$5.50
Southwest Teal Blue Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Southwest-Teal-Blue-H18P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$5.50
Metallic Brass Tone Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Metallic-Brass-Tone-H01P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$7.15
Metallic Mirror Tone Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Metallic-Mirror-Tone-H02P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$7.15
Iridescent Glazed Ceramic Charm Tiles
Iridescent-H03P-CHARMS4 oz ~190 tiles$7.15
Glazed Ceramic Tile Charms
Glazed Ceramic Tile Charms

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