$30 Gift Certificate Mosaic Art Supply


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Our printable gift certificates are delivered to you as a digital copy to your email by default, so you don’t have to wait.

On the gift certificate is a PIN number which the recipient can use as store credit.

Why A Gift Certificate Is Best

Artists like to choose their own colors and materials, so a gift certificate is a good way to get them exactly what they want, while trying to pick for them is problematic. When in doubt, get the gift certificate. It’s easier, and they won’t be disappointed. Your artist will also have access to all the mosaic tips and instructions at our website, which is the largest, most complete online source of how-to-mosaic information.

Mosaic Tips and Instructions

All of our online mosaic content was written by a professional artist who also holds an engineering degree and has worked in a materials testing laboratory.

Beware Of Questionable Information

There is quite a bit of instructional material online, and a lot of it is questionable, particularly when it comes to crafts. All too much of it was written merely to drive sales without regard to durability or longevity. For example, you can see websites recommending the use of water-soluable glues to attach tile to terracotta flower pots, which is problematic for several reasons and not likely to last. For comparison, here is something our mosaic artist wrote about potential problems with mosaic flower pots and how to fix them.

How To Mosaic Blog

Our How To Mosaic Blog is where we post new content written after 2013. Check it regularly for new articles concerning all aspects of making a mosaic: choosing a grout color, how to transfer a pattern, how to make a mosaic lawn sculpture, etc.

Mosaic FAQs

Our page of Frequently Asked Questions addresses many basic issues and is organized by topic. A novice could get oriented and avoid many classic mistakes merely by skimming through this page.

Mosaic Instructions

We have many different mosaic instruction pages, and most of these are described in our Mosaic Information Page.