Elementile 8mm IRIDESCENT Tiles

Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tiles 8mm by Elementile are iridized versions of the standard gloss-finish product and are sold loose by the 1/4 pound (175+ pieces).

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5/16 inch (8mm) Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tiles by Elementile are iridized versions of the standard gloss-finish product, which we also sell. The iridescence is a surface finish created by firing metal oxides onto the surface of the glass, so it could be abraded over time by foot traffic. Note that the iridescence is deliberately mild instead of heavily applied so that the underlying colors are still visible. Like the regular 8mm, these are sold loose by the 1/4 pound (approximately 175+ pieces), which covers 0.14 square feet with a standard grout gap of 1/32 inch. Mounting grids are available. Made from recycled glass.

Elementile 8mm Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tiles

  • tile size: 5/16 inch (8mm)
  • thickness: 1/8 nominal (4mm)
  • sales unit: 1/4 pound (approximately 175+ pieces)
  • material: glass
  • variety: recycled
  • finish: iridescent
  • pigments: colorfast, UV resistant
  • durability: frost-proof, impervious to liquid
  • usage: suitable for indoor and outdoor use


A 1/4 bag of 175 loose tiles will cover 0.14 sq ft. with a grout spacing of about 1/32 inch. To cover 1 square foot with a standard grout spacing of about 1/32 inch, you would need 1225 tiles or seven bags, but for large area coverage, order a little extra in case the tile is running incrementally thicker/heavier than normal, which could cause the piece count to run under 175. Use our tile estimator to calculate how much you need for your project.

Note that dry indoor mosaics do not have to be grouted (and thus you can simply mount the tiles tightly together), but outdoor and wet mosaics must have grout to prevent water from penetrating behind the tiles. The best way to ensure that the gaps between the tiles is to leave a 1/32-inch gap instead of pressing them tightly together, and this point seems counter intuitive to some people. Consider this: you can never mount tile so closely together that water couldn’t penetrate between, but you can put them so close that grout can’t get pressed into the gap sufficiently during the grouting process.


For rendering images, it is best to stick to standard gloss-finish or iridescent finish instead of mixing the two. For mixed media mosaics, a variety of finishes could be considered, but your mosaic might look better if you stuck to one or the other.

Cutting Elementile 8mm

This product cuts extremely well with the mosaic glass cutter that we sell. In fact, the homogeneous nature of pate de verre glass means that it cuts better than most types of glass tile and produces more useful pieces with fewer splinters and dust and waste.

Use in Mosaic Art

A set of tweezers can make working with these tiny tiles a lot less tedious. An 8mm Tile Mounting Grid is available for mounting designs one Mounting Paper or Tile Mounting Tape. For dry indoor mosaics, these tiles can be mounted with Weldbond Adhesive.

Elementile’s rich color palette make it a professional rendering tool that can be used for photo-realist portraiture and fine art mosaic. The colors available are more like the canonical hues of artist oil paint and less like the arbitrary mixed hues of most lines of architectural tile. The material cuts very cleanly into small pieces that can be used for micro-mosaic artwork.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or cutting and grouting tile, please see our Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions page or our How To Mosaic blog or our Mosaic Information Guide.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Ultramarine-Blue-Tint-1-E062IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Ultramarine Blue Tint 1 E062IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Phthalo-Blue-E070IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Phthalo Blue E070IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.52
Phthalo Blue Tint 2 E065IRI
Phthalo Blue Tint 2 E065IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Phthalo-Blue-Tint-3-E064IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Phthalo Blue Tint 3 E064IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Phthalo-Blue-Tint-5-E061IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Phthalo Blue Tint 5 E061IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.78
Phthalo-Blue-Tint-6-E060IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Phthalo Blue Tint 6 E060IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Phthalo-Blue-Tint-7-E059IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Phthalo Blue Tint 7 E059IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Blue-Green-Tint-1-E019IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Blue-Green Tint 1 E019IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Teal-Tint-1-E015IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Teal Tint 1 E015IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Teal-Tint-2-E014IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Teal Tint 2 E014IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Teal-Tint-3-E013IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Teal Tint 3 E013IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Forest-Green-E087IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Forest Green E087IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$5.32
Forest-Green-Tint-1-E055IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Forest Green Tint 1 E055IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.78
Leaf-Green-E037IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Leaf Green E037IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Spring-Pea-Green-Tint-1-E003IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Spring Pea Green Tint 1 E003IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Spring-Pea-Green-Tint-2-E001IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Spring Pea Green Tint 2 E001IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Faint-Yellow-White-E026IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Faint Yellow White E026IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Cad-Yellow-Light-Tint-1-E027IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cad Yellow Light Tint 1 E027IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Cad-Yellow-Medium-E028IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cad Yellow Medium E028IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Yellow-Lime-E029IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Yellow Lime E029IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.78
Cad-Yellow-Deep-E030IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cad Yellow Deep E030IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Indian-Yellow-Tint-2-E031IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Indian Yellow Tint 2 E031IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.78
Indian-Yellow-E033IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Indian Yellow E033IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.52
Indian-Yellow-Tint-1-E032IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Indian Yellow Tint 1 E032IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Cad-Orange-Red-E108IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cad Orange Red E108IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$8.12
Pink-Tint-1-E017IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Pink Tint 1 E017IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Purple-E085IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Purple E085IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$5.62
Salmon-E103IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Salmon E103IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.78
Salmon-Tint-1-E102IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Salmon Tint 1 E102IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Maroon-E098IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Maroon E098IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Chocolate-Brown-E099IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Chocolate Brown E099IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.78
Umber-E100IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Umber E100IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$5.62
Burnt-Umber-Tint-1-E097IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Burnt Umber Tint 1 E097IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Burnt-Sienna-E096IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Burnt Sienna E096IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Sienna-E095IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Sienna E095IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Sienna-Tint-2-E094IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Sienna Tint 2 E094IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Cream-E090IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cream E090IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Cream-Deep-1-E091IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cream Deep 1 E091IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.52
Cream-Deep-2-E092IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cream Deep 2 E092IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Cream-Deep-3-E093IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Cream Deep 3 E093IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Gray-E048IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Gray E048IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Gray-Tint-1-E047IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Gray Tint 1 E047IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Gray-Tint-2-E045IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Gray Tint 2 E045IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Gray-Tint-3-E043IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Gray Tint 3 E043IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Eggshell-White-E041IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Eggshell White E041IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Moss-Gray-E044IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Moss Gray E044IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Warm-Gray-E046IRI Glass Mosaic Tiles
Warm Gray E046IRI4 oz ~175 tiles (8mm)$4.39
Elementile 8mm Iridescent
Elementile 8mm IRIDESCENT Tiles