Diamond-Cut Glass Jewel 12mm 1 piece

1 faceted glass cabochon double-sided 1/2 inch in diameter

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Diamond-Cut Glass Jewel 12mm is a faceted cabochon 1/2-inch diameter and roughly 3/32 inches thick. The jewel is double sided so that the bottom is identical to the top (instead of being pointed like the bottom of a diamond). This allows the jewel to be glued to a flat surface.


Note that these are slightly thinner than most varieties of glass mosaic tile, and the jewels look best when they are slightly raised above the surface of the mosaic. To achieve this, we shim the gems up higher by about 1/16 inch by glueing down pieces of wooden ice-pop sticks under the jewels. This makes the center of the gem stick out from the surface of the mosaic and puts the shoulders of the gem level with the tile.

Product Coverage

Each glass jewel covers 0.2 square inches.

Cutting Diamond-Cut Glass Jewels

Diamond-Cut Glass Jewels can be cut using the Mosaic Glass Cutter we sell, if the gems need to be cut in half and mounted on end or at an angle

Diamond-Cut Glass Jewels 12mm

  • Price is per 1 individual jewel
  • Diameter: 12mm (~1/2 inch).
  • Thickness: roughly 3/32 inch.
  • Coverage: 0.2 square inches.
  • Material: glass with color throughout.
  • frost proof.
  • impervious to liquids.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Not suitable for floors.

How To Make Mosaic Art

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.

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Diamond-Cut Glass Jewels are 1/2 inch in diameter.
Diamond-Cut Glass Jewel 12mm 1 piece