Colored Glass Mirror Tile Sample Board 15mm


sample board of colored glass mirror tile 9/16 inch (15mm)

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Colored Glass Mirror Tile 15mm is sold in sheets of 36 tiles face-mounted on clear plastic film. These are high-quality tile suitable for architectural installation indoors and outdoors. Avoid using mounting mesh. Avoid using in high chlorine and high sulfur environments or cleaning with acid.

Unlike the cheap crafting tiles sold by our competitors, the silver is more securely bonded into the back side of the glass, and the glass is actually colored (except for Gilt, Metallic, Brass, etc., where the metallic color comes from the alloy of silver used on the back). The use of colored glass is important because the surface coatings on the competitor’s product are easily scratched off the cheap clear glass. The foil on their product also comes off the glass when the tiles are cut. Not so with our mirror tile. You can cut them with confidence. Read our warning about the inferior mirror tile sold by competitors.

Price is per sheet of 36 tiles. Note that the sheet has a standard grout gap of 1/16 inch between tiles, but our photos show the tiles with no space between. Mounting grids are available.

Colored Glass Mirror Tile 15mm

  • tile size: 9/16 inch (15mm)
  • thickness: 1/8 nominal (4mm)
  • sales unit: 36 tiles temporarily mounted face down on clear plastic film
  • sheet size: 3.875 x 3.87 inches
  • material: glass
  • variety: translucent colored glass with slight ripples and bubbles in the surface for an artistic look
  • pigments: colorfast, UV resistant
  • durability: impervious to liquid

Limitations of Use

The manufacturer says that swimming pools are acceptable, but these are a new product, and long-term test data for use in pools does not exist. (Use in pools would be at customer risk and require best practices for grouting and sealing.)

  • Install INDOORS for longest life.
  • OUTDOOR use should be ok, but avoid high chlorine and sulfur environments and cleaning with acid.
  • Product has been tested in UV sunlight and installed in low and high temperature locations with no problems observed to date.
  • Avoid using mounting mesh.
  • Avoid using in environments high in chlorine or sulfur.
  • Our opinion is that these could last a long time in an outdoor mosaic patio table if thoroughly sealed, but these are a new product and aging over years and decades is unknown.


With a standard grout gap of approximately 1/16 inch, one sheet of 36 tile will cover approximately 0.11 square foot. Nine (9) sheets covers 1 square feet.


Tile thickness is 1/8 inch nominal, the same as most of the glass mosaic tile we sell, which means that these can be used with other types and brands.

Cutting Colored Glass Mirror Tile 15mm

We recommend using the wheel-blade Mosaic Glass Cutter we sell to cut these and other types of glass mosaic tile. Unlike the cheaply made mirror-tiles sold be competitors, these tiles can be cut without causing the silver to fall of the glass.

Use in Mosaic Art

These are mirror tiles, but there is waviness in the glass and silver which make the reflections distorted compared to a normal flat mirror. The purpose of the mirror is in these tiles is to reflect light not distinct images. Do not order if that is a problem. There is a fairly complete color palette available, and so an artist could render and image using only these mirror tiles, but they can be used with standard-finish varieties of glass tile.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or cutting and grouting tile, please see our Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions page or our How To Mosaic blog or our Mosaic Information Guide.