Broken, Reworked and Salvaged Mosaic Assortment – 1 Pound


1 pound assorted broken and re-worked glass mosaic tile, marble, ceramic, and porcelain

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Broken, Reworked and Salvaged Mosaic Assortment varies by batch but usually includes smalti, beach glass, broken china, marble cubes and pieces, glass tile, porcelain tile, iridescent murano tile, glass gems, mini tiles, toy marbles, etc. It is a great way to get a sample of different products to see what you enjoy working with.

The Salvage Assortment includes many tiles that are whole and clean. It also includes broken tile, occasional sharp pieces and tiles that still have mesh or adhesive stuck to the back. Please do not order the assortment if that is a problem.

Sold by the pound, each 1-pound scoop varies, but should include fragments and pieces of most types of material we sell, plus odd samples from manufacturers.

This mix contains a range of thicknesses, but is easily sorted into two piles: flat tile with a nominial thickness of 1/8″ and thicker chunkier pieces that are more easily pressed into wet concrete than glued to a flat surface. The broken mosaic assortment is great for finding odd accents and special pieces.

COVERAGE: 1 pound covers about 2/3 of one square foot, but pieces are of different thickness. This assortment should be pressed into wet thinset (or sorted by thickness).

NOTE: Supplies are limited.

WARNING: This assortment was was made by tumbling real damaged scrap from the warehouse and studio, and thus it includes some SHARP pieces.