Elementile 12mm Glass Mosaic Tile

1/2 pound of LOOSE 12mm recycled glass mosaic tile (approximately 185 unmounted tiles)

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12mm Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile by Elementile are sold by the 1/2 pound (approximately 185 pieces), which covers slightly over 1/3 of a square foot. The glass has a glossy finish and solid color throughout, and it is opaque when mounted on an opaque surface. The tiles are hard, durable, and they can be used for the exteriors of commercial buildings. They are made from 97% recycled powdered glass in a fusing process referred to as “warm glass” or “pate de verre” or “enamel glass.” Mounting grids are available.


With no grout gap, a 1/2-pound bag of tile (approximately 185 pieces) will cover approximately 41 square inches or 0.29 square feet. With a standard grout gap of 1/16 inch, a 1/2-pound bag of tile will cover approximately 53 square inches or 0.37 square feet. (Think of covering a square 7 inch x 7 inch.) Use our tile estimator to calculate how much you need for your project.

Note that dry indoor mosaics do not have to be grouted (and thus you can simply mount the tiles tightly together), but outdoor and wet mosaics must have grout to prevent water from penetrating behind the tiles. The best way to ensure that the gaps between the tiles is to leave a 1/16-inch gap instead of pressing them tightly together, and this point seems counterintuitive to some people. Consider this: you can never mount them so closely together that water can’t penetrate it, but you can accidentally put them so close that grout doesn’t get adequately pressed into the crack during the grouting process.


Tile thickness is 1/8 inch nominal, the same as the 3/8-inch and 3/4-inch glass mosaic tile we sell. Note that the 12mm Elementile has the same color names as the 8mm Elementile, but you should never assume that two sizes of a particular color will be identical because they may have come from different manufacturer batches.

Cutting Elementile 12mm Glass Mosaic Tile

This product cuts extremely well with the mosaic glass cutters that we sell. In fact, the homogeneous nature of pate de verre glass means that it cuts better than most types of glass tile and produces more useful pieces with fewer splinters and dust and waste.

Use in Mosaic Art

Elementile’a rich color palette make it a professional rendering tool that can be used for photo-realist portraiture and fine art mosaic. The colors available are more like the canonical hues of artist oil paint and less like the arbitrary mixed hues of most lines of architectural tile.

The 12mm (~1/2 inch) size is sufficiently large for conventional applications, but the material cuts very cleanly into small pieces that can be used for micromosaic artwork.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Phthalo Blue Tint2 12E0658 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Phthalo Blue Tint3 12E0648 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Phthalo Blue Tint5 12E0618 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$4.19
Phthalo Blue Tint6 12E0608 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Phthalo Blue Tint7 12E0598 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Forest Green Tint1 12E0558 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$4.19
Out of stock
Cad Yellow Light Tint1 12E0278 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Indian Yellow Tint2 12E0318 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$4.19
Indian Yellow Tint1 12E0328 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Cad Orange Red 12E1088 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$7.12
Pink Deep 12E0358 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Out of stock
Pink Tint1 12E0178 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Pink Tint2 12E0098 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Salmon 12E1038 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$4.19
Salmon Tint1 12E1028 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Burnt Umber Tint 1 12E0978 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Sienna 12E0958 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Sienna Tint2 12E0948 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Cream Deep3 12E0938 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Out of stock
Gray Tint1 12E0478 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Gray Tint4 12E0428 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.96
Eggshell White 12E0418 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Moss Gray 12E0448 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Warm Gray 12E0468 oz ~185 tiles (12mm)$3.85
Elementile 12mm Glass Mosaic Tile
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 12mm$13.44