Sales and Close-Outs

Not everything on this page is being discontinued. The 12mm Recycled and 12mm Iridescent Recycled toward the bottom are simply on sale due to being overstocked.

Other items like the glass beads will not be available from us again in the future and have limited stock.

The 20mm and 12mm older, thick-style Penny Rounds (6mm thickness) listed here have been discontinued, and are being replaced by our 20mm and 12mm diameter MORJO™ Thinny-Pennies™ which are 4mm thick. The old version of the white Outliners™ were discontinued by us; we found a few boxes left and are trying to sell them out. The new Outliners™ can be found here. Read more concerning Sale Price vs Retail Price.

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Showing all 26 results

Showing all 26 results