Polished Bars

Marble Bars are 150 mm x 15 mm x 10mm thick (approximately 5.9 in x 9/16 in x 3/8 in), and only the top surface is polished. These can be cut up with a Compound Nipper to make rough “hand-cut” mosaic tiles or used as polished tile to make borders around mosaic designs (sides are NOT polished). The minimum cutting length is roughly 1/2 inch for most stone types, and that means you could get about 10 pieces per bar. (If you try to cut it up shorter than that, some varieties break up into fragments.) For walking surfaces, we recommend using only stone pieces 3/8″ or thicker, but thinner cutting chips could be used for wall murals and other vertical surfaces. Mosaics made from rough chips of broken stone have a more authentic hand-made look. Click on a color to see the full product description.

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