Mosaic Tile Factory

This page includes photos of our mosaic tile being produced and packaged at our supplier factories and at our own warehouse in Decatur, Georgia. Mosaic Art Supply’s warehouse was intended to be strictly a distribution center, but we quickly transitioned into small amounts of light manufacturing in order to produce blends and tile assortments.

Glass Mosaic Tile

The vast majority of the glass mosaic tile we sell is produced primarily as a building material and not as an art supply. This means the tile comes from the factory in full sheets that are 1 or 1.15 square feet, and we cut these sheets up into mini sheets to allow an artist to buy in smaller amounts. Note that we buy glass tile mounted on paper and not mesh because the paper is designed to be removed while the mesh is intended to be permanent. racks of glass mosaic tile

Marble Mosaic Tile

Here are some pictures of our marble tile being boxed for shipping at the factory in Shanghai. The factory produces mesh-mounted mosaic medallions and flooring, so the tile we buy from them is the same stone they would normally use in their finished mosaics: marble mosaic tile boxes These are our 3/8″ marble mosaic tiles, which have a tumbled finish with natural colors that can be greatly enhanced merely by sealing with a stone enhancer instead of a regular tile and grout sealer. Building material stores usually sell both sealers. marble bars wrapped for shipping Marble bars have one polished face because they are usually used as edging tile for mosaic floors made from larger stone tiles. Our artists use the marble bars as raw material for hand-cut tile. over 2 tons arranged for shipping This photo shows just part of a two-ton shipment of stone being laid out for packing and crating.