Management Team

Moses and the Burning Bush mosaic by Joe Moorman
Moses and the Burning Bush mosaic art.
Smalti on wood. 23 in x 23 in. © 2003 Joe Moorman

Joe Moorman, owner

Before starting Mosaic Art Supply, Joe worked on a wide variety of projects in business software, manufacturing and research & development. After the dot-com collapse, Joe consolidated North American operations and hosting for the French software firm iMediation, and then went on to help develop the database interface for what eventually became IBM’s recommended software for inventory management. Before software, Joe worked as a manufacturing engineer for Herman Miller, Inc. During doctoral studies at The University of Georgia, Joe worked on numerous food product and process development projects, including extruded functional ingredients, radiant-wall oven applications and Microbial inactivation by high-pressure throttling (US Patent 6,120,732). Joe holds several language and OS certifications, including Java, Solaris, and Cisco routers.

Management Philosophy

The management structure of Mosaic Art Supply, LLC, is rather flat with a lot of cross training and shared responsibilities. All employees of Mosaic Art Supply are artists actively promoting their artwork via shows and other media. From Joe, the employees learn fundamentals of website maintenance, inventory management, technical writing and other skills Joe learned working as an engineer in the corporate world. From the employees, Joe learns more about local art promotion and studio fundamentals.