How To Find Mosaic Classes

Our Mosaic Classes Page

First check out our Mosaic Classes List to look for classes near you. The listings on that page are organized by location. Although many classes are offered in the evening, others are offered on weekends to accommodate students driving in from other towns. Keep in mind that you will probably only need a class or two to get you started, and once you get going, you can always find answers to specific questions online.

Children's Mosaic Art Project
Children’s Mosaic Art Project. Keep in mind that mosaic is a popular children’s summer camp project because the basics are simple: draw an outline pattern on your backer, glue on the tile, and then grout it.

Check With Your Local Institutions

If our Mosaic Classes page does not include a mosaic instructor in your area, there are other ways to find one. As you’ve probably already learned, an Internet search for “mosaic classes” isn’t the best way to find a local instructor because chances are whoever you find online will be at least several hundred miles away. But what about your local schools and churches and organizations? We recommend checking with the following local institutions, many of which have activity schedules posted online or offer continuing education programs:

  • art schools
  • community colleges
  • universities
  • YMCA
  • churches and synagogues
  • city and county recreation departments
  • community centers
  • museums
  • art centers
  • local mosaic artists

Alternatives To Mosaic Classes

If no class is available near you, do not give up hope. Remember that a class is not the only way to learn how to mosaic, and it might not be the best way after all. Most of the time in an art class is spent learning by doing, and you can do that on your on. The instructor’s main purpose is to introduce basics, answer questions, and keep you from making obvious mistakes. You can get all that by reading our mosaic instructions and our mosaic FAQs page and our How To Mosaic blog.

Email Us Your Project Questions

You can also email us with your technical questions or for artistic advice. We are all working artists, and we have consulted on tens of thousands of projects worldwide, ranging from first time beginner projects to large public art projects and murals. We have answered your question before, and we probably have a web page that has exactly the information you need.