Mosaic Coaster Kit with Cutter and 12mm Tile (6 Item Kit)


wheeled mosaic glass cutter, grout, glue, square coaster base, circle coaster base, 310+ recycled glass mosaic tiles

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Our Mosaic Coaster Kit with Cutter and 12mm Tile includes a Wheeled Mosaic Glass Cutter, grout, glue, 2 cherry wood coaster bases, and 1 pound of recycled glass mosaic tiles. That’s over 310 tiles in assorted colors, and the 1/2-inch recycled glass is our best material for cutting up for small pieces with minimal waste. The kit is for making your own design, which can be as simple or as highly detailed as desired. Draw your own pattern with an ordinary pencil or merely improvise with whole tiles. It can be as easy or as detailed as you want it to be! There is enough grout, glue, and tile to do more than 2 coasters. Additional coaster bases are available. Additional bags of assorted tile and individual colors are also available. This is the perfect gift for the aspiring artist who wants to try mosaic because it allows them to make their own design instead of a mosaic equivalent of paint-by-numbers, and the materials supplied in the kit are professional artist grade and capable of being cut up small for highly-detailed images.

Mosaic Coaster Kit with Cutter and 12mm Tile

This Mosaic Coaster Kit includes:

How To Make Mosaic Art

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