Kaleidoscope Mini Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tiles 3/8-Inch

sheet of 81 vitreous glass tiles 3/8 inch temporarily mounted on paper

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Mini Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tiles 3/8-Inch by Kaleidoscope are sold temporarily face-mounted on removable paper sheets. These are the same thickness (~1/8 inch) as the other vitreous tiles we sell, and they are the same size as the other brand of 3/8-inch minis we sell, and so they can be used in the same mosaic. The color names are the same as the larger Kaleidoscope, but you should not assume that they will match these exactly due to batch variations at the factory. These tiles are hard and durable enough for use in outdoor mosaics. Price is per sheet of 81 tiles.

Kaleidoscope Mini Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tiles 3/8-Inch

  • tile size: 3/8 inch (10mm)
  • thickness: 1/8 nominal (4mm)
  • sales unit: 81 tiles temporarily mounted face down on paper
  • sheet size: 3.8 x 3.8 inches
  • material: glass
  • variety: vitreous
  • pigments: colorfast, UV resistant
  • durability: frost-proof, impervious to liquid
  • usage: suitable for indoor and outdoor use


One sheet of 81 tiles will cover approximately 1/10 square feet assuming a standard grout gap of approximately 1/32 inch. To cover 1 square foot with the standard grout gap for this size, 796 tiles are needed. Most Mosaic Mounting Paper is 1.15 square feet and requires 841 tiles (29 tiles x 29 tiles). Use our tile estimator to calculate how much you need for your project.


Tile thickness is 1/8 inch nominal, the same as most of the glass mosaic tile we sell, which means that these can be used with other types and brands. Never assume that colors of different sizes will match exactly even if they have the same name because they often come from different manufacturer batches.

Cutting Tile

The Mosaic Glass Cutter is recommended for cutting all types of glass mosaic tile including these. Note that there is a limit to how small they can be cut because the sides of the tiles are tapered, and small pieces tend to fall over. We cut halves and quarters and diagonal triangles but do not try to go small than that, at least most of the time. If you are making the fine details of your image and need to cut smaller, you can lean pieces against each other, but that can get tedious.

Mounting Mini Kaleidoscope Tiles

For dry indoor mosaics, stained glass can be mounted using Weldbond adhesive, but thinset mortar should be used for outdoor and wet mosaics.

Use in Mosaic Art

These can be used in children’s crafts projects and stepping stones, but they are also used for photorealistic mosaic images and fine art. The advantage of this material is that you can use tiles from different manufacturers if you find you need additional colors.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or mounting, cutting, and grouting tile, please see our page of Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions or our Mosaic Information Guide, which lists instructional pages described by topic. We also post new articles about making mosaics at our How to Mosaic Blog.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Skylar NG QA13NG mini mosaic tiles
Skylar NG QA13NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Matisse NG QB14NG mini vitreous glass mosaic tiles
Matisse NG QB14NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Cayman QC17 mini mosaic tiles
Cayman QC171 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Iceland QA05 mini mosaic tiles
Iceland QA051 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Stratosphere QB206ng mini mosaic tiles
Stratosphere NG QB206NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Bermuda NG QB207NG glass mosaic tiles
Bermuda NG QB207NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Caribbean NG QB208NG glass mosaic tiles
Caribbean NG QB208NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Lakeside QB16 mini mosaic tiles
Lakeside QB161 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Stonewash QB15 mini mosaic tiles
Stonewash QB151 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Fairway NG QA37NG glass mosaic tiles
Fairway NG QA37NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Putting Green NG QC44NG mini mosaic tiles
Putting Green NG QC44NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Light Moss NG QA37NG mini mosaic tiles
Cleveland NG QA36NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Vapor QC220 mini mosaic tiles
Vapor QC2201 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Willow QA38 mini mosaic tiles
Willow QA381 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Mosaic Tiles QC269 Chartreuse mini vitreous Kaleidoscope
Chartreuse QC269-NG8 oz ~320 tiles (10mm)$1.22 $0.69
Jadzia NG QC30 mini mosaic tiles
Jadzia NG QC301 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Lime Chiffon NG QA60NG mini mosaic tiles
Lime Chiffon NG QA60NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Leaf QB39 mini mosaic tiles
Leaf QB391 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Sunbeam NG QD106NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.67 $1.09
Carnival QD113 mini mosaic tiles
Carnival QD1131 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.67 $1.09
Caramel QA63 mini mosaic tiles
Caramel QA631 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Dakota QA64 mini mosaic tiles
Dakota QA641 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Cimarron Brown QC98 mini mosaic tiles
Cimarron Brown QC981 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Rawhide QA65 mini vitreous glass mosaic tiles are sold temporarily mounted on paper sheets.
Rawhide NG QA65NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Coral QB94 mini mosaic tiles
Coral QB941 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Havana QB66 mini mosaic tiles
Havana QB661 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Victoria QB93 mini vitreous glass mosaic tiles
Victoria QB931 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Concord QC96 mini vitreous glass mosaic tiles
Concord QC961 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Eggplant QC97 mini mosaic tiles
Eggplant QC971 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Smoke QA078-NG
Smoke QA078-NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Palatine NG QB088NG mini mosaic tiles
Palatine NG QB088NG1 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Mosaic Tiles QB083 Slate mini vitreous Kaleidoscope
Slate QB831 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Spanish Moss QC42 mini mosaic tiles
Spanish Moss QC421 sheet of 81 tiles (10mm)$1.10 $0.69
Mini Mosaic Tiles 3/8-Inch Kaleidoscope brand
Kaleidoscope Mini Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tiles 3/8-Inch
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 3/8-Inch
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 3/8-Inch$13.44