Kaleidoscope 3/4-Inch Glass Mosaic Tile

25 vitreous glass mosaic tiles 3/4-inch temporarily face-mounted on removable paper.

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3/4-inch vitreous glass mosaic tiles by Kaleidoscope come FACE-mounted on paper sheets of 25 tiles for rapid installation. The paper can be removed by soaking in water to yield loose tiles. The backs of these glass mosaic tiles are embossed with ridges to help the cement or adhesive bond more securely. Vitreous tiles are commonly used in pools, backsplashes, craft projects as well as fine art. A rich color palette is available, allowing artists to create complex images. Price is per sheet of 25 tiles. Mounting grids are available.

Kaleidoscope 3/4-Inch Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tile

  • tile size: 3/4 inch (20mm)
  • thickness: 1/8 nominal (4mm)
  • sales unit: 25 tiles temporarily mounted face down on paper
  • sheet size: 4.25 x 4.25 inches
  • material: glass
  • variety: vitreous
  • pigments: colorfast, UV resistant
  • durability: frost-proof, impervious to liquid
  • usage: suitable for indoor and outdoor use


With a standard grout gap of approximately 1/16 inch, one sheet of 25 tile will cover approximately 0.13 square foot. Nine (9) sheets covers 1.15 square feet. Approximately 218 loose tiles are needed to cover 1 square foot. To calculate how many sheets are needed to cover your area, divide your square footage by 1.15 and multiply by 9. You can also use our tile estimator to calculate how much you need for your project.


Tile thickness is 1/8 inch nominal, the same as most of the glass mosaic tile we sell, which means that these can be used with other types and brands. There are smaller versions of Kaleidoscope vitreous available, and many of the color names are the same, but do not assume that they will match exactly because our current inventory of each size often comes from different manufacturer batches.

Cutting Kaleidoscope 3/4-Inch Vitreous

We recommend using the wheel-blade Mosaic Glass Cutter we sell to cut all types of glass mosaic tile including vitreous. (Regular tile nippers are for ceramic tile, and they tend to crush glass tile.)

Use in Mosaic Art

Vitreous glass is sometimes thought of as an architectural surface covering not suitable for rendering images of any sophistication, mostly because of the limited color palette. That is not true. Mosaic is an exercise in using a limited color palette. The exact hue or shade an artist would prefer to use is often not available, even in premium lines of tile, and so the solution is to use approximate colors cut into smaller pieces and positioned together so that they blend visually. For example, if the exact shade of cyan blue is not available, try using a shade slightly lighter and a shade slightly darker in a field of small pieces mixed together.

If this seems daunting, then spend some time browsing pictures of ancient Greek and Roman mosaic and note what sophisticated designs they were able to create with about seven or eight distinct colors. Modern vitreous glass is a rainbow of intense colors by comparison. Also keep in mind that simplifying your design to use a more limited color palette is an opportunity to make the design stronger and more iconic.

How To Make Mosaics

For more advice on designing your mosaic project or cutting and grouting tile, please see our Mosaic Frequently Asked Questions page or our How To Mosaic blog or our Mosaic Information Guide.

ImageNameUnit SizePriceBuy
Chambray kb15 vitreous glass mosaic tiles by Kaleidoscope for use in mosaic art.
Chambray KB151 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KC19 Glass Mosaic Tile
Deep Water KC191 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KA8 Glass Mosaic Tile
Old Cyan KA81 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
Fairway KA37 glass mosaic tile Kaleidoscope brand 25 pieces face mounted on removable paper.
Fairway KA371 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
Chartreuse KC269 glass mosaic tile
Chartreuse KC2691 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
Kelly Green KC336 glass mosaic tile Kaleidoscope brand 25 pieces face mounted on removable paper.
Kelly Green KC3361 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
Raffia Creme KA61 glass mosaic tile Kaleidoscope brand 25 pieces face mounted on removable paper.
Raffia Creme KA611 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KA65-NG Glass Mosaic Tile
Rawhide NG KA65-NG1 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KB67-NG Glass Mosaic Tile
Custard KB67-NG1 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KD306 Glass Mosaic Tile
Flame KD3061 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$2.21 $1.33
KD305 Glass Mosaic Tile
Orbit Orange KD3051 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$2.21 $1.33
Pumpkin KD101-NG glass mosaic tile
Pumpkin KD101-NG1 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$2.21 $1.33
Whacky Orange is a batch of orange that came out a little funky!
Wacky Orange KD127-W-NG1 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$2.21 $1.33
KC98 Glass Mosaic Tile
Cimarron KC981 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KB95-NG Glass Mosaic Tile
Petal Pink NG KB95-NG1 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KA81 Glass Mosaic Tile
Pewter KA811 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KB83-NG Glass Mosaic Tile
Slate NG KB83-NG1 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KC87 Glass Mosaic Tile
Laird KC871 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
KC42 Glass Mosaic Tile
Spanish Moss KC421 sheet of 25 tiles (20mm)$0.91 $0.55
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 3/4-Inch
Mosaic Tile Mounting Grid 3/4-Inch$13.44
Kaleidoscope Glass Mosaic Tile 3/4 Inch
Kaleidoscope 3/4-Inch Glass Mosaic Tile

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