Mosaic Tile Gifts

Most artists prefer to choose their own materials, so buying art supplies as a gift can be problematic. However, we offer several options that minimize the stress of choosing.

Gift Certificates

Mosaic Art Supply sells Gift Certificates in amounts of $30, $50 and $100. The certificates can be mailed to you or directly to the recipient. If this is a last-minute gift, we can even email you an electronic copy of the certificate that you can print out at home.

Mosaic Starter Kits

We also have a Mosaic Starter Kit With Compound Nipper that is the perfect way to equip someone new to mosaic with the essential tools needed to work with glass, porcelain and ceramic. Note that our kit is NOT a children’s project kit with materials for making one particular design. Instead, our kit contains the same tools we use in our studio for executing commissioned artwork and is intended to outfit your artist to pursue their own unique design. The kit contains an 8-ounce bottle of Weldbond adhesive and two pounds of sanded grout plus a small selection of glass mosaic tile, which allows your artist to make a simple trivet or mosaic plaque before planning more ambitious projects.

Hint: An ideal gift would be the Mosaic Starter Kit plus a Gift Certificate.

The kit comes in two versions. The kit with the compound tile nipper should be ordered if you think your artist might want to work with stone or porcelain. We have our more economical Mosaic Starter Kit that has a regular tile nipper for artists who only use these harder materials in limited quantities. Both kits contain a mosaic glass cutter.

Mosaic Art Starter Kit with Compound Nipper
Our Mosaic Art Starter Kit with Compound Nipper is the same as our regular Mosaic Starter Kit, but it includes the Compound Tile Nipper for hard porcelain and stone.
Mosaic Art Starter Kit
Mosaic Art Starter Kit includes professional-grade tools plus grout, glue, 300 glass mosaic tiles, and access to our online mosaic instructions.

Mosaic Tile Assortments

Mosaic Tile Assortments are great for giving your artist a sampling of many of the things we sell.